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Halloween In West Hollywood

For the first time we went to see Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood. Didn’t wanna go actually because I was afraid to be stuck in traffic on the way there, get bumped in the crowed and get lost in drunk people. Also, I felt guilty not to wear costume. I was hoping that he would change his mind…

However, it was fun! Traffic was not bad as it took us 15 minutes and Lyft cost us about $10 each way. People were not as crazy as I thought but fun to watch. I especially admire that seniors costumed so well. We could have a great time without kids. This party is for real adults (40s, 50s, 60s or up). That makes me wanna do something next year.

There are several DJ booths on Santa Monica Boulevard. Hoohoo!

This is one of my favorites.




Before dinner

Dinner: Leftover from last night again

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