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First Night in Santa Fe

Snacking before flight at LAX
We were kind of hungry for light lunch when looking at Carl’s Jr. near our gate. Carl’s Jr. is the nearest restaurant to our house in OC but I have missed it since moving to LA three years ago. Sharing a “Famous Star” combo. Mmmm good stuff!

Finally taking off. Our flight was almost 2 hour delayed. LA is so bright. I was worried about my ear killing me but it was ok.

Water and snack mix
Getting hungry. It’s dinner time.

Arriving at Albuquerque and picking up a rental car around 8:30pm. It would be an hour drive to Santa Fe.

Our room for next three night in Santa Fe
Wow so New Mexico. Love it.


It’s already 9:40pm. We had a plan to eat out at a particular restaurant but they would close at 10pm. Called them to check. They welcomed us in.

I wish I were in a best condition to try a flight of Tequilas from a list of 144 different Tequilas or even Margarita. I have been away from alcohol for more than two weeks since I got ear infection.

Chips & Hot Salsa

He enjoyed Tecate and I had just water.

His dinner: New Mexican Taco Plate, Two chicken and one beef $11.50
I had a bite of both and it was pretty good.

This is one of things on my “To Eat” list in New Mexico.

My dinner: Green Chile Stew with Pork $6.95
This is on my list as well. These two make a perfect late night meal. Green Chile is absolutely spicy but flavorful and fruity. I instantly became a big fan of New Mexican Cuisine. I was not sure my ability to taste was fully back though.

Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen
555 W Cordova Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 983-7929

Dreamcatcher on the bed

We fell in love with Santa Fe on the first night.


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