At Home, At Work, Diet, My Cooking, Sick

Oh No! I got rash :(

Breakfast: Banana, Nutella Toast + Coffee
He packed breakfast for me as usual. I appreciate it but no more sugar and carbs please.

Lunch: My first “make ahead meal,” Deep Fried Tofu Gyoza
No carbs.

We got a box of Godiva chocolate. Mmmm. dangerous.

I noticed there was rash all over my body right after coming home. First I suspected Korean watercress I just bought at a market. Now wondering it could be a side effect or allergic reaction to antibiotics I had taken last 10 days. I got rash when taking some kind of fever drug before.

Dinner: Korean spinach & warabi, gobo, carrot and okara (soy pulp)

Finally, rice & whole barley with egg
The cooking book says, whole barley is nutritious and prevents carbs turning to body fat. So it is ok to eat a small portion of this rice at end of meal. Yay.

Korean Market is great. They have various whole grains for reasonable prices.


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