My New Bibles

Here are my new cooking books. The authors aged in her 50’s did her own make-ahead meals diet and lost weight from 160 lb to 104 lb. It’s a full of easy and delicious recipes.

Her original make-ahead meal recipes

Recipes cooked by microwave only

Recipes especially for guys

I’ve been on the make-ahead meal diet since Saturday and already lost 2.5 lb. My goal is to minus 10 lb for 10 weeks. In order to complete my 10 week diet without too much stress, here are rules I will follow and make easy on myself.

[My version of make-ahead meal diet]
1. Cut as much as carbs & sugar
2. Fruits, yogurt, granola for breakfast
3. 1 main and 2 sides for lunch & dinner
4. Wine & Shochu is ok but no beer & sake
5. Allow myself to enjoy anything at restaurants


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