Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – December 2016

Special Class for Christmas

Antipasti: Bocconcini de Uva al Gorgonzola, Ricci di Patate, Frittata di Vegetale
Gorgonzola & Pistachio Covered Grape, Potato Croquet with Mozzarella & Ham, Vegetable Omelet

Insalata di Rinforzo
Neapolitan Cauliflower Salad with Roasted Bell Pepper

These Antipasti are good with sparkling wine. I was thinking to bring a bottle but didn’t because my throat is not healed completely and so many party coming up.

Pasta al Cartoccio ai Frutti di Mare
This Baked Seafood Spaghetti is so gorgeous with shrimp, squid, cod, clams and mussels. FYI, Italian people traditionally eats seafood for Christmas not chicken or turkey.

Dolce: Cartellate
This is Christmas dessert from Puglia Region.

Honey with Orange & Lemon Zest over Fried Pastry


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