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Green Chile Stew On Christmas Eve

Souvenir from a friend who invited us to n/naka
He just went on a trip to Finland. Moomin is huge there. He is very popular in Japan too.

So many goodies in a small box

Brunch: Cold Soba & Tamagoyaki
Soba from Meiji Seimen was so delicious even when I cook.

In the early afternoon, we went to Max Karaoke and sang for 1 hour. Then grocery shopping at Nijiya and Sprouts.

Afternoon Snack: Deep Fried Tofu Pizza and Curried Celery
These are low carb recipes from the Make-Ahead Meal Cooking Book. He liked the pizza!

Around 4:30pm, a bottle of Prosecco was opened.

This seasonal creamy cheese is so good!

Oh-uh, I had a chocolate…good with sparkling 😛

And Japanese snacks

Christmas Eve Dinner: Green Chile Chicken Stew
He made it as promised. It was too hot to eat much.

Christmas Cake from Nijiya $26

In Japan people have a christmas cake like this.

After dinner we opened the present and these are what I got from him. He knows what I appreciate. Yay 🙂

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 15: 131.0lb (-2.0lb), body fat 28%

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