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New Year’s Eve Feast

Got up around 10am and had a banana and raspberries. Feeling sore throat maybe because I drank too much last night (4 glass sparkling and 1 red). This sweet sake with a full of amino acids and vitamins is my new remedy.

Two make-ahead dishes before lunch
Cleansing finery food would help not to absorb carbs

Lunch @ 11:30am: Simply Shumai
He loves it! Yes!!!

Dinner @ 4pm: Osechi Ryori + Sake, Dassai

This is one of most popular sake these days, but I am not a big fan.

His family tradition: KFC on New Year Eve

It’s actually nice since osechi is so light.

Special Tea Cups from Mom

Special Gyokuro Green Tea from His Brother

Around 9pm: Early Toshikoshi Soba

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 22: 130.5lb (-2.5lb), body fat 29.5%

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