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No More Low Carb Diet!?

Last two weekends, I didn’t prepare make-ahead low carb meals for the following weeks. It seems that I got back to my old routine to eat whatever. Because of touring a lot of open houses, maybe 20 of them on weekends, I was too tired to list up groceries, go shopping and spend a couple hours on chopping veggies & packing. That’s my excuse…Also, I’ve crazily craved white rice, ramen and sweet pastries etc. Mmmm, I need to keep up!

Breakfast: Banana, Blueberry, Chocolate Brioche Twist + Coffee

Lunch #1: Green Papaya Salad @ Khun 9 Thai

Lunch #2: Pad See Ew with Beef

I felt like a Japanese bento but changed my mind to Thai because it has more veggies and less carbs. Of course, I didn’t finish it all. Save a half for tomorrow lunch 🙂

My dinner: Brussels Sprouts, Goat Cheese + Hendry Chardonnay

His Dinner: Edamame, Brussels Sprouts, Gyoza
I had two gyoza too.

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 53: 127.0lb (-6.0lb), body fat 24%

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Excess Carbs for Dinner :(


After Breakfast

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner @ 8pm
We went to go check out a new listed condo after work. It looked perfect and made an offer immediately. Hopefully we will get it. Since no make-ahead meals in the fridge, I quickly prepared sautéed brussels sprouts and instant ramen. I feel guilty to have a lot of carbs for late dinner.

Low Carb Diet Day 52: 127.5lb (-5.5lb from day 1, +1.5lb from yesterday), body fat 23%
*I knew that carbs would affect my weight. I will make an adjustment tomorrow.

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Five Open Houses & Lenny’s Deli

Late Breakfast: Banana & Blueberry with Yogurt, Pancakes with Maple Syrup + Coffee

We headed off for a tour of open houses around 12:15pm. A couple is in a walking distance. The agent drive us around for three others. Each has pros and cons, but we really liked two of them.

Late Lunch & Meeting @ Lenny’s Deli

Grilled Veggie Wrap with Cole Slaw $10.95

During the lunch we discussed how much we should offer to those two houses. Last week we made an offer, we lost it. This time we will try to be more serious. Hopefully it will be accepted.

Lenny’s Deli
2379 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-5771

Light Dinner: Eggplant, Goat Cheese + Chardonnay
He had minestrone and chicken salad.

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FUGU by West Coast Jewish Theatre

Breakfast: Maitake Mushroom Omelette, Pork Sausage, Grape Yogurt + Coffee

Plus, a slice of Italian loaf with cream cheese

We had an appointment with a sales rep at one of new condos in Marina Del Rey and joined our agent for an open house near by. They both look nice but a little over our budget. I hope our house hunting will end soon.

3:30pm: Hendry Unoaked Chardonnay 2014
Apple aroma then floral notes. Well balanced and light to med bodied. Just my type. I had Hendry Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, which was excellent. This is pretty good too.

Late Lunch: Sprouts’ Roasted Chicken on baby kale & spinach with goat cheese, olive and bell pepper

A tiny chocolate crunch as dessert

Dinner: Minestrone

My husband got tickets for a play at the theater in 5 minute walk distance from home. As walking by every day he saw this poster and got interested.

A small lobby area at the entrance

This is a play based on true story about Jewish people living in Kobe, Japan after Chiune Sugihara issued visa to save them in Lithuania. It’s great to learn that there are more Japanese people who tried their best to help others even under the unusual circumstances. The director/writer spent 25 years to complete the story and it’s finally made to the theater. Strongly recommended.

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 50: 127.0lb (-6.0lb), body fat 24%
*I didn’t make any make-ahead dishes today because I’ve been busy for house hunting. Still try to do low carb diet.

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A Date Night on Beverly Drive


After breakfast


Both of us have been missing burgers since we started low carb diet. It’s time to allow ourselves to enjoy one! He picked out a restaurant we’ve never been on Beverly Drive.

We started with Stella and Red Wine.

His: The Lounge Burger $7.95 with Avocado $1.95, Mine: Little Lounge Burger $5.95 + 1/2 & 1/2 $5.99

A great burger! 100% Fresh, Single Source, American Grass-Fed Beef. Lounge Bun, Choice of Organic Cheese, Grilled or Fresh Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, House 1000 Island. Little one is actually more than enough for me.

Such a guilty pleasure :p

They have 8 locations around LA. How could we miss it till now!?

Burger Lounge
281 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 385-0898

A few steps away, there is a famous cafe.

His: Hot Cocoa $3, Mine: Japanese Tea Latte $4.50
Relaxed outside under heater. It was a perfect date night on Friday.

Urth Cafe
267 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 205-9311

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 49: 127.5lb (-5.5lb from day 1, +1.0lb from yesterday), body fat 27%
*My weight and body fat went up as expected because of bun and sweet latte at night. That’s totally fine. I needed it and felt happy 🙂

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Backyard Marinated Steak

Last night my weight was 126.5lb (-6.5lb from Day 1, +0.5lb from the day before) and body fat rate was 23.5%. I am not sure how accurate the body fat is, but lower body fat is a good sign because I know my weight follows body fat rate from my past experience.

Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3

Oh-uh, caramel inside. I ate outside chocolate and 20% of caramel.

Lunch: Ginger Eggplant, Sukiyaki, Rice + Green Tea

Dinner: Takeout @ Tender Greens + Organic Red
This Backyard Marinated Steak tastes as amazing as always. With Kale Salad and Green Hummus, it costs only $12.

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 48: 126.5lb (-6.5lb), body fat 25%

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Sugarless Sukiyaki


After Breakfast

Make-Ahead Meal Lunch: Shrimp Chili Sauce, Beef Wrapped Asparagus, Chicken Rice with Egg

Dinner: Sukiyaki
I made sukiyaki without sugar for the first time. Usually I add at least 3-5 table spoon sugar but today used mirin, Japanese cooking sake instead. It’s sweet and I assumed it contains less sugar. However, google says 1 table spoon of mirin = 17g (100% carbs), which is more carbs than sugar. Shoot!

It tasted delicious tho.