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Sushi Rice + Jelly Beans

Breakfast: Only Banana & Fuji Apple

But it was not enough…so had 7 gram sugar & coffee.

Around 11am I got hungry again.

Had beef senbei & green tea. Oh-uh, more carbs!

My diet has been going great but started craving for Jiro Ramen since yesterday. I justify myself it’s ok to eat Jiro because a lot of bean sprouts and cabbage served on top. My plan was eating all topping & broth first and a little bit noodle later. So I didn’t bring lunch and went to Umenoya Ramen. However, it was closed…So sad 😦

Lunch: Small Poke Bowl from King Poke with Spicy Sesame Sauce
This is a substitute. Good one.

All fish is as fresh as always. I finished all sushi rice! I missed a full portion of white rice for almost 4 weeks. I am still optimistic. I learned about “Resistant Starch” as fat-burnner, which is contained in cold rice. Yes! Sushi rice is kind of cold.

Oh no! This is what I saw in the kitchen after lunch. I admit I had one. More sugar.

Dinner to adjust daily sugar/carb amount

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 27: 128.5lb (-4.5lb), body fat 25.5%
*Although I had more carbs and sugar than usual, my weight stay same as yesterday and fat rate went down. Nice!


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