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Backyard Marinated Steak

Last night my weight was 126.5lb (-6.5lb from Day 1, +0.5lb from the day before) and body fat rate was 23.5%. I am not sure how accurate the body fat is, but lower body fat is a good sign because I know my weight follows body fat rate from my past experience.

Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3

Oh-uh, caramel inside. I ate outside chocolate and 20% of caramel.

Lunch: Ginger Eggplant, Sukiyaki, Rice + Green Tea

Dinner: Takeout @ Tender Greens + Organic Red
This Backyard Marinated Steak tastes as amazing as always. With Kale Salad and Green Hummus, it costs only $12.

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 48: 126.5lb (-6.5lb), body fat 25%


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