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No More Low Carb Diet!?

Last two weekends, I didn’t prepare make-ahead low carb meals for the following weeks. It seems that I got back to my old routine to eat whatever. Because of touring a lot of open houses, maybe 20 of them on weekends, I was too tired to list up groceries, go shopping and spend a couple hours on chopping veggies & packing. That’s my excuse…Also, I’ve crazily craved white rice, ramen and sweet pastries etc. Mmmm, I need to keep up!

Breakfast: Banana, Blueberry, Chocolate Brioche Twist + Coffee

Lunch #1: Green Papaya Salad @ Khun 9 Thai

Lunch #2: Pad See Ew with Beef

I felt like a Japanese bento but changed my mind to Thai because it has more veggies and less carbs. Of course, I didn’t finish it all. Save a half for tomorrow lunch 🙂

My dinner: Brussels Sprouts, Goat Cheese + Hendry Chardonnay

His Dinner: Edamame, Brussels Sprouts, Gyoza
I had two gyoza too.

Make-Ahead Meal Diet (Low Carb Diet) Day 53: 127.0lb (-6.0lb), body fat 24%


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