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Justin Bieber’s Waterfalls

We arrived late night and stayed at this cozy lodge right by the black sand beach. While driving for a couple hours here, I was sleeping all the way and just crashed into bed as soon as taking a shower. Next morning, I felt so good and ready to go!

Breakfast #1: Famous Icelandic Yogurt, Skyr Drink

Breakfast #2: Egg and Icelandic Bacon
A friend prepared breakfast for us. Thanks!

Breakfast #3
They brought some doughnuts from NY.

Around 9:30am, we finally got sunlight to see what was around there.

Driving back about 40 miles toward Reykjavik for a couple waterfalls & plane crash site

Waterfall #1

Going into a cave and it’s right there. You need waterproof boots, pants and jacket to protect yourself from splashes.

Waterfall #2
This is the one that Justin Bieber filmed his music video of “I’ll Show You.”

Going behind the waterfall. Amazing! You will be wet here too.

Next I headed to the plane crash site, which appears in the Justin Bieber’s video too. After 30-40 minutes walk and fight with brutal winds in the middle of nowhere, we realized only 60% had been done. The wind got harder and rain added, we finally decided to give up.

We drove back to the black Sand Beach for lunch.

My lunch: Icelandic Meat Soup with Bread 1,850 kr.
This is the first meat soup on my trip. It’s homey and warm. Meat soup is one of dishes that are consistently good in Iceland.

His: Icelandic Lamb Chop 2,750 kr.

Svarta Fjaran (Black Beach Restaurant)


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