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Cooking Dinner @ Isolated House

We arrived at the house before sunset around 4:30pm. The owner waited for us on the “main street” and lead our way to the house and gave us a tour. This place is absolutely amazing surrounded with no other houses or humans but nature. My favorite airbnb in Iceland!

Living Room

Our bedroom

Dining Area with a beautiful view

The owner turned the pantry into a little souvenir shop. We couldn’t buy anything because we had no cash to pay and she had no way to process cards.

Their bedroom

I didn’t see any larger bed such as double, queen or king in Iceland. Even for double room, there are two singles together side by side. In this house there are two more bedrooms for 4 more people.

If you are not unlucky, you are able to see seals around here. We didn’t have any luck for the weather in Iceland 😦

Opening a bottle of white wine
Airbnb owner a couple days ago in Akureyri gave us this wine to show his apology for the trouble.

Around 6pm no one was not hungry yet. I started drinking along with cheese & smoked lamb and cooking dinner.

Two boys invited me to play Yatzy.

I beat them so bad! Yay!!!

It’s time to open red. This is a gift from the airbnb in Akureyri too.

A friend prepared lamb while I cooked pasta and side.

Finally dinner time @ 9pm

OMG, lamb is so tender and juicy! He said he had overcooked, but it still tasted amazing. This is the quality and power of Icelandic lamb!

Tomato sauce pasta with bacon and mushroom
This is from a jar and tastes so sweet.

Dessert: Chocolate Cake from Bonus Supermarket


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