At Home, My Cooking

College Basketball & Indian Wells Tennis Finals

I feel lazy and grumpy today. Fortunately, I have no errands or activities to rush. While he was busy watching college basketball games and Indian Wells Tennis Finals, I was in bed watching youtube all day. But I still cooked.

Breakfast @ 9am: Banana, Mini Apple Turnover x 2, Coffee

Lunch @ Noon: Make-Ahead Dishes (ponzu bell peppers, broccoli, spicy shrimp), Udon Noodle with egg and veggie tempura

I tried to consume less carbs, so we split one serving udon noodle into 2/3 for him, 1/3 for me.

We still have a lot of Icelandic Chocolate. Just a picture. I didn’t have any.

Around 3pm: Guac & Chips
He came to me and said he was very hungry. Ok. We had a small lunch so was I. I was thinking to drink wine, but didn’t since I often get headache nowadays. Btw, I love this Trader Joe’s chips, which is made out of organic blue corn (stone ground), sprouted Amaranth, quinoa and chia seeds. It not only sounds healthy and nutritious but tastes good! Only $2.99! Thank you, Trader Joe’s for the quality food.

Dinner @ 7pm: Sauteed Pork Tenderloin & Kale
It was very satisfactory to me, but he didn’t like kale. He doesn’t like green vegetables in general, but he finished with painful face. Such a poor guy.

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