At Home, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Sweets From Italy and Japan

Breakfast: Honey Butter Toast with Blueberries

Friends brought souvenirs for us at the Italian Cooking Class.

#1 Italian Truffle

#2: Japanese Kitkat

Pistachio Raspberry Flavor

Lunch: Italian Four Courses

Freshly #5: Homestyle Meatloaf with Creamy Potato & Spinach (480 calories, 39g carbs, 10g sugar)

This is basically his dinner. I am still full from the huge lunch.

Just sampling with a glass of Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon
I like all Freshly meals so far. Not going to subscribe every week but will order when I get tired of cooking.

Wine along with truffle cheddar & Italian Chocolate

Late Night Snack: Fried Rice @ 9pm (it’s pretty late for us)
He was still hungry and asked me to fix something. Then I ate along 😛


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