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Yu Lin Chi – Chinese Style Fried Chicken

I made something I learned from Tasty Japan Video for dinner tonight.

Dinner: Yu Lin Chi (Chinese Style Fried Chicken), Kinpira Gobo, Tofu Miso Soup, Pickles, Barley Tea

Ginger & garlic marinated fried chicken served with spicy sour sesame oil sauce

I didn’t have it today, but it definitely goes well with beer or rice. Relatively easy to make and absolutely delicious to taste. We love it 🙂


Breakfast: Banana, Berries, Cheese Cake, Coffee

Lunch: Leftover from last night

Chocolate of the week

Salted caramel in dark chocolate

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Tonkotsu Black @ Hakata Ikkousha

Lunch @ Hakata Ikkousha
Instruction how to eat tonkotsu ramen 🙂

Tonkotsu Black $8.90 + Egg $1.50

My first impression was “it doesn’t look appetizing.”

Slow cooked garlic makes broth black. It tastes very mild and delicious. Adding red ginger and sesame later on.

Tried with spicy takana too. It’s all good.

Dinner: Gyoza, Eggplant, Tamagoyaki, Mugicha


Breakfast: Banana, Yogurt Drink, Cheese Cake, Coffee

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Whiskey & Southern Food

I was invited to a private classic concert that a friend played violin. It was such a pleasant time in a relaxing setting to enjoy great music.

After the concert, the friend and I went out for dinner.

There is a whiskey cellar at the restaurant.

Lady’s bathroom is fancy.

This is a good one for whiskey beginner. It’s sweet and easy to drink but still can taste whiskey.


WHISKEY OKRA $6, Griddle scorched okra, Chinese sweet sausage

Overall, food is sweet and delicious. I would like to try a simple whiskey highball. Very reasonable price.

Bosscat Kitchen + Libations
4647 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 333-0917


Breakfast: French Toast Muffin, Strawberries, Coffee
I like watching cooking recipe videos, such as Tasty or Tastemade nowadays. This is I learned from one of videos.

Lunch: Sukiyaki Udon

Before the concert, I spent 2.5 hours browsing at Ikea.

Break with Hotdog $.75

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Cheesy Mexican Chicken

Stopped by Trader Joe’s to get ready for Friday night before a three-day-weekend.

Starter: Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Chunky Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Underwood Rose Wine
All from Trader Joe’s. Guacamole is much better than expected. Greek Yogurt makes it creamy and light. I will make my own with yogurt next time.

Main: Cheesy Mexican Chicken
I knew he would enjoy this kind of dish when I saw this video. It’s easy to make and delicious 🙂

Step1. Sauteed onion and bell peppers

Step2. Add pepper jack cheese and cream cheese (I skipped cheddar)

Step3. Rub chicken breast with salt, chili pepper, cumin and garlic powder.

Step4. Cut chicken and stuff cheesy thing into

Step5. Cook each side for 7 minutes




At Home, At Work, My Cooking

Sushi & Sukiyaki

Picked up sushi lunch @ Mitsuwa Marketplace

Matsu $12.99
I think this is one of best takeout sushi at a Japanese market.

Tuna, Squid, Salmon, Hamachi, Engawa, Shrimp, Uni, Ika Mix, Tuna Roll

Instant Miso Soup

An (Red Bean Paste) Doughnut + Green Tea @ 5:30pm

Again, I was so hungry to snack in the car.

Dinner: Sukiyaki, Nanohana, Hawaiian Beer

I had a lot of carbs today. First time to have a whole bottle of beer since last December. I am sure I put some weight, maybe 2-3 pounds on my belly.


Breakfast: Watermelon & Yogurt