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Daikon Gyoza & Salmon Avocado

No more Freshly meals this week. I could cancel subscription but just will skip it next couple of weeks or more until I get tire of cooking again because it’s low carbs/calorie, affordable and tasty.

After work, I made salmon avocado with curry yogurt sauce first. It’s supposed to be plain yogurt but I used vanilla one. However, it turns better with some sweetness.

Happy Hour: Salmon Avocado, Truffle Cheddar, Truffle Nuts + Cabernet Sauvignon
Yes! I need fuel to keep cooking. He joined me tonight.

Dinner: Daikon Gyoza (?) with yuzu pepper

It’s supposed to look like this, but I sliced daikon too thick. Mine couldn’t be fold…But, it was delicious 🙂



Low carb snack

Lunch: Bell pepper, tomato, potato salad, napa cabbage rolls


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