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Hanging Out @ Brouwerij West

Driving to San Pedro with a friend

A cool brewery in one of warehouses near Port of Los Angeles

8 beers offered

Ordering all of them as taster

Brilliant But Lazy, Popfuji, Saison Extra, Switcheroo, Dog Ate My Homework, Ask the Dust, Falling Water, Vampire Blues

They name them interesting and all of them taste good. Some are very hoppy. My favorite is Brilliant But Lazy. Dog Ate My HW tastes like berry juice but contains highest 7% alcohol.

Two food venders were there.

A lot of seatings outside. It was chilly at night.

Pretty purple sky with moon.

Steak & Garlic Fries $11.50 from Tender Grill Truck

Brouwerij West
110 E 22nd St
Warehouse No. 9
Los Angeles, CA 90731
(310) 833-9330

Continued to hang out at home

Smelly but delicious cheese

Argentina wine, firsteaf selection
Spicy first. Getting sweet later.

Event, Family & Friends

Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo

Once-a-year event, Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo @ Pasadena Convention Center

Farmed Bluefin Tuna, fatty part

Variety of wasabi

Wasabi is good with meat and seafood


Soy paper

Monkfish liver on chips

Monkfish liver in tube
It’s easy to serve.

Yellowtail sushi

Mentaiko Cream Cheese on baguette

Mentaiko booth

Albacore & baby scallop

Miyazaki Beef

Beautifully marbled

Japanese knives are best


Ramen broth

Green Tea


Pitan Ramen

Award-winning sake

One of my favorite: Yume Wa Masa Yume

Sake from my home town


Curry Seminar by S & B

Mixing spices to make my own curry powder


Yuzu juice

Yuzu sorbet was so delicious.


Sea Salt with a lot of umami

Orange shochu

Trying warm sake

Umeshu, plum sake

Nurukan, warm sake seminar

Sake made of snow mountain water

Ponzu dressing

This brown rice is very moist and delicious.

Sanma sushi

All samples I got

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Wednesday Food Bar Special @ Whole Foods

I think my belly has got bigger and fatter, so try to have salad for dinner recently.

Today I stopped by Whole Foods and got vegetable/salad.

Cool Container

A little more than 1.0 lb
I put 5-6 different items on bed of arugula & organic kale. Some are good, others are ok. Feels healthy.


Breakfast: Trader Joe’s Coffee Cake, Grape, Banana


Afternoon Break: Cake from Japan
So good 🙂

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Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins

We found new products at Trader Joe’s.

It would be a perfect as small gift to friends. So cute 🙂


I actually didn’t eat banana.


Again, I didn’t eat the banana.

After dinner: Chocolate covered pretzels + Earl Grey

At Home, At Work, Restaurants

Kale Salad, Cal Roll, Jalapeño Killer Bomb

Went to chiropractic and took out dinner

Kale Salad $6.95, Jalapeño Killer Bomb $5.95, California Roll $4.50

I really like the nutty dressing for kale salad. Stuffed jalapeño goes well with rose sparkling.

Moana Grill
15420 S Western Ave Ste A
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 527-7713




Sweet caramel