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Jet Lag & Sake Kitkat

Same as yesterday I woke up hungry around 5. I had tea and toast with honey butter while keeping record how much I spent in Japan.

Breakfast @ work around 8:30am

This is what he wanted me to get from Japan

Sake Kitkat! Adult only. Real sake in it.

Lunch: Leftover Thai

Dinner: Soba Noodle, Fried Chicken, Sauteed Asparagus

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Waking Up Around 4AM

I had a heavy jet lag this time. Couldn’t hold myself up last night and went to bed so early. Then woke up around 4am.

Had yogurt and grapes for breakfast. I just picked up Thai food for lunch.

During work, I started coughing so hard. Dry cough.

Went to bed around 7 or so. No dinner.

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Flying Back to Home, Finally!

I was missing home more than I imagined. Maybe because he was not with me or I would be more comfortable in American culture than Japanese somehow. Am I considering LA home now!? I guess. Since I live here.

Anyway, the return flight was smooth and ANA service is always great. I always wish I would be in business class, but I was sleeping more than 6 hours so it was not like 9 hour flight.

Getting through immigration was pretty quick but there was thousands of people stuck in baggage claim area. They closed the custom for some security issues. Ok…but it flowed once it’s open. My husband was right there at the exit in the international terminal and asked me, “Mexican or Pizza for dinner?”

His dinner

My dinner

Souvenir to eat

Souvenir to present food

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Sushi & Ramen @ Haneda Airport

I decided to have sushi one last time before I flied back to LA.

The same special I had with my mom when she flied out.



I am crazy I couldn’t stop trying the ramen next door.

Setagaya Ramen (せたが屋ラーメン)¥1,080($9.50)

Seafood base broth and thick noodle
This is my type of ramen.

Chashu is so tender.

Menma is so thick and fresh.

Very good!

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Back to Time in College

I hang out with friends from college just like back then. We went the same restaurant (different location tho) we used to hang out. Fun!

I tried a new menu.

Everyone else had the same old thing we used to enjoy.

The dessert gets us nostalgic too.

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20 Year College Friends Reunion

I didn’t realize it had been more than 20 years since we all got together for a wedding when one of us got married. Nine of us are good friends during the days in college in Tokyo and I saw some of them every 5 years or so when visiting Japan, but never saw everyone together.

I had coffee with two of them before dinner.

There was a lot to catch up. Some shocking stories from them.

Here is the restaurant for the reunion!

Italian Course Dinner with All you can drink
Making a toast with a glass of sparkling 🙂

Chicken Liver Crostini

Marinated Salmon

Farmers Salad

Salami & Prosciutto
My second glass was Italian white wine.

I had two glasses of red wine. They offer whiskey, cocktails, sangria and soft drink as well.

Margherita Pizza with Mozzarella made in Hokkaido & Gorgonzola Pizza with Yamanashi Grapes

Italian Sausage & Vegetable Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

Vanilla Gelato

We had a great time to catch up each other. I am glad that they haven’t changed at all and we could get back to be like then instantly.

I really like the quality food here and the all you can drink system. It cost us only ¥3,900 ($35) per person.

Five of us stayed in hotel and kept hanging out.

Eating my favorite instant noodle in the middle of night.


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Last Lunch with Friend Couple

Friends couple who offered me a lodging for a week prepared lunch for me.


These are gift I bought for them.

Hot Sandwich of egg, ham & cheese, Japanese Style Panini

This is how to make

Another one with potato salad
So delicious 🙂