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Cooking Day – Kinton & Namasu

Breakfast: Brie & Homemade Strawberry Jam on the toast + Coffee
This jam, my boss made tastes so fruity and organic.

I went to pick up steak and a few more things for girls party tomorrow and stopped by a pastry shop.

Lunch: Japanese delicacies (Pickled Herring & Herring Roe), soba + Chardonnay

Salmon Roe on Herring Roe
I would like to have sake instead of the chardonnay, which I bought as cooking wine 😦

I spent all afternoon/evening to prepare 栗きんとん (Kuri Kinton) & なます (Namasu). Two important dishes to Osechi, Japanese enjoy during new years eve and days. Although there is no photo to prove, I worked so hard to get done.

Sugar charged #1 during cooking

Sugar charged #2

Strawberry & Chestnut Cake



No dinner but tasting & snaking all evening