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Girls Kitchen Party 2017 – Osechi Preparation

Breakfast @ Home

Lunch @ Friend’s house
Inari Sushi prepared by a friend

Taliata, I prepared with Italian red
We started cooking osechi, but I was almost done with my two dishes at this point. Yay!

Around 4:30pm, we took a break with a glass of this Italian red and chocolate.

Mixing renkon (lotus root) with squid ink
Simple but yummy 🙂

A friend making 伊達巻 (datemaki) from scratch

Snaking during cooking

I brought a new Trader Joe’s brie to try.

Herbs & Garlic brie tastes pretty good.

A host prepared konbu cured red snapper for dinner.

Delicious 🙂

Somen noodle soup with red snapper

Dessert: Hojicha Mousse

She also made this tasty dessert for us.

Unlike last year/two years ago, we finished cooking osechi around 8pm and was able to relax. We have improved our skills to prepare Japanese New Year dishes, Osechi in the past two years!