About the author
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Born & Raised: Japan

I always love enjoying food and food cultures. Then I came up with a question, what I actually put in my mouth everyday. So I decided to document it as much as possible. It is not exciting at all to look back what I eat. After a while, I realize that I have same kinds of food again and again. Hopefully, this blog will help me learn my eating habit and keep motivated to explore new food, cultures, dishes, recipes & restaurants.

Regarding posts under ‘Restaurants,’ I rate the price and satisfaction based on quality of food and service as below.

$ = under $10 per person
$$ = $11-$40 per person
$$$ = $41-$100 per person
$$$$ = $100 and more per person

No Star = not satisfied/not coming back
★ = OK/may give another chance
★★ = good/probably go back if there is an opportunity
★★★ = excellent/definitely wanna go back
★★★★ = outstanding/unforgettable


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