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Haircut & Amandine Bakery

I woke up early and went to get haircut this morning.

I wanted Cheese Tea but it was too early to open.

Amandine Parisserie Cafe

Not as many pastries as Brendwood Store

Tarts and cakes look delicious. It was tempting but I am going to bake my cheesecake.

I got 4 kinds of pastries.

Breakfast Time!

Banana Chocolate Danish $3.50 + His Coffee

Cream Cheese Danish $3.50

Wine Insiders – 2016 Burke Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ★★★

Dry, fruity notes of red and black cherries, blueberry, and plum. It’s easy to drink.

Lunch: Carbonara + California Cabernet Sauvignon

Tea Time – Boston White Tea + Apricot Danish

Dinner: All leftover

At Work, Restaurants, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Po’ Boy @ Darrow’s New Orleans Grill

Trying a New Orleans restaurant.

Secret menu is no longer secret…

Happy Hour 4-7pm

Around 6pm, there were only 3-4 groups, but it was almost full when we left around 7pm.


They offer samples for first timers. From left, gumbo, red beans & rice, jambalaya. All good 🙂

New Orleans Theme Wall

Happy Hour Stella ($4) and Chardonnay ($4)

Glass was very dirty and I asked to change. The bartender washed it right in front of us and served wine in the wet glass. Not impressive at all, but it would be acceptable at this price. Also, this wine tastes very light and sweet, which I am not fan. Beer would be a safe choice.

His: Catfish Po’ Boy $8.99, Mine: Bayou Classic Po’ Boy (Shrimp & Oyster) $10.99

It was pretty good but difficult to eat without spilling. I will try either catfish po’ boy or gumbo.

Darrow’s New Orleans Grill
21720 Avalon Blvd Ste 102B
Carson, CA 90745
(424) 570-0531

We moved to Greendoor Coffee  in the same building.

Doughnuts look good.

Mine: Matcha Latte

His: Vanilla Ice Cream

It was very delicious and very Matcha.

GREENDOOR Powered by Intelligentsia
714 E Carson St
Carson, CA 90745
(424) 570-0095




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Cleaning Up Fridge Day

We were going to an Italian restaurant for a certificate tonight. However, there were so much prepared food in the fridge to finish, so we changed the plan.

Dinner: Daikon & Minced Pork, Broccoli, Mini Tomato, Chikuwa Cucumber, Pork Miso Soup, Rice and Umeboshi




Afternoon Snack

At Home, At Work, My Cooking, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Japanese Meal & Kirin Beer

Lunch: Shio Koji Fried Chicken, Broccoli, Rice + Green Tea

Afternoon Break

Appetizer: Pork Miso Soup

Daikon & Minced Pork + Kirin Beer



Morning Coffee with Chocolate

At Home, My Cooking, Restaurants

Korean Spa & Lunch

Today I was off but he was not, so I went to Korean Spa to relax.

Gardena Women Sauna
I always go to a women only place.

After soaking in hot tubs, getting body scrub and relaxing in sauna, I had Korean lunch.

Lunch Menu #1

Lunch Menu #2


I love this little crab in spicy sauce.

Yukgaejang $11.99
I always order spicy beef soup.

The Place Gu Jip Restaurant
15435 S Western Ave Ste 109
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 354-0007

Dessert with him @ 3:30pm: My cheese cake with green tea

His dinner
I skipped dinner.



At Home, My Cooking

My Cooking Day!

Breakfast @ 10:40am: Nutella Stuffed French Toast + Coffee

It was first time to make it but came out perfect.

Grocery shopping @ Whole Foods

Lunch Time

Cooking Yokote Yakisoba, fried noodle from my home prefecture

It’s supposed to be served with Fukujin-zuke not red ginger.

Noodle is chewier than regular yakisoba and sauce is sweeter. Delicious 🙂

Light Dinner @ 8pm

Dessert: Cheese Cake

I tried a new recipe. It looks ugly but tastes good 🙂