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Chicken Kabob & Oreo Scoop Cake

Mediterranean Takeout Dinner from Pita Spot

His: Twi-Tip Shawarma Plate $11.75

Chicken Kabob Plate $11.75

Making “Oreo” Scoop Cake

It looks bad but tastes good 🙂




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Celebrating His Birthday (2)

Although we are going to Providence to celebrate his birthday next week, I made something he likes for dinner tonight.

Italian Meatball in Tomato Sauce with Broccoli

This is a birthday gift from a friend

Very nice. It goes well with the food.


Brunch @ 11am: French Toast & Bacon + Coffee

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Celebrating His Birthday (1)

OC friends organized a Tennis & Dinner event for his birthday. We drove to Irvine for tennis 2-4:30pm and had dinner at our favorite restaurant with more friends afterwards.

Starting with beer and a few appetizers


Daikon Salad


We love shochu with sparkling water & lemon.

Albacore sashimi with garlic flakes

Miso Intestines

I didn’t take pictures but we had fried chicken, California roll, salmon skin salad, agedashi tofu and grilled beef tongue etc.

Shoyu ramen to close
My favorite ramen around LA

They got a birthday cake as well.

Rich chocolate

Oki Doki
13681 Newport Ave Ste 9
Tustin, CA 92781
(714) 730-7051


Breakfast: Pancake with Nutella and Homemade Strawberry Jam

Lunch: Carnitas Torta @ Super Gallito

Best torta ever!

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Gyoza & Soba Dinner

Dinner: Edamame & Gyoza + Orion Beer
Beer & Gyoza is a perfect marriage.

Hot Soba with Tempura

Dessert: Red Bean Bun + Hot Milk

Breakfast: Banana, Apple, Honey Toast + Coffee

Lunch: Soon Tofu, Rice