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Make-Ahead Meal Preparation (2)

I spent 6-7 hours in the kitchen and prepared 10 kinds of make-ahead for the week.


Brunch @ 11am after grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s

Tasting fried eggplant in soy sauce @2:30pm

Late Lunch @ 3:30pm

His Dinner @6pm

I skipped dinner.

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March Madness & BNP Paribas Open

Besides going grocery shopping in the morning, we stayed home and watched tennis & basketball games all day long. I was cooking make-ahead meals as well.

Breakfast: Simple Pancakes with Butter & Honey

Lunch: Leftover Peruvian

Around 6pm: Edamame & Beer

Light Dinner: Tonjiru (Pork & Vegetable Miso Soup)

Only two kinds make-ahead completed

At Home, At Work, My Cooking

Last Day for Make-Ahead Meals

Make-Ahead Meal Lunch

Dinner: BBQ Flavor Potato Chips, Red Wine, Make-Ahead Meals


Breakfast: Apple, Chocolate Muffin + Coffee

At Home, At Work, My Cooking

Make-Ahead, Pizza & Wine

There is still a lot of make-ahead meals in the fridge. Since I have them for lunch as well, I want something else for dinner. At the same time I can’t waste it.

Lemon Garlic Cabbage, Curry Fish Cake & Bell Pepper, Mini Omelette + Argentina Malbec

Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza


Breakfast: Apple, Two kinds of pound cake + coffee

Make-Ahead Meal Lunch

At Home, At Work, My Cooking, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Make-Ahead Dinner & Ramen

After 3 days, I am already tired of eating make-ahead meals. Of course, fresh meals tastes better! Less headache to think about what to cook and less time to prepare lunch & dinner during the week tho.

He feels like wine, so we opened a bottle of Argentina Malbec. It’s fruity and a bit sweet. Easy to drink. I love it.

Make-Ahead Dinner
It still tastes good, but not fun to eat 😦

I added instant Tonkotsu Style ramen (shared one serving by two). A warm broth gives us more satisfaction.



Lunch Box

I enjoyed the make-ahead lunch.

At Home, My Cooking

Make-Ahead Meal Preparation

I spent all afternoon in Kitchen today to prepare make-ahead meals.

Baking mini omelette

They look cute 🙂 but taste a bit too salty 😦

Mini Omelette, Ponzu Pork, Kimchi Fried Rice

I had a bowl of Kimchi Fried Rice while cooking…

Chinese Steamed Chicken, Shio-koji Fried Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Ponzu Pork here again

My favorite is Chinese Chicken with a lot of cilantro.

He had ponzu pork and teriyaki chicken too.


Brunch at 12:20pm

Followed by Beignet + Coffee

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Best Sandwich In My Life

He found this 5 star sandwich place on yelp and we both happened to be in the area, so why not try it.

11:10am: It looks like an ordinary place, but how they prepare is extraordinary to me. They make sandwiches like they do for family. All ingredients look fresh and meat are warmed up. Bread is perfectly toasted even though I didn’t ask.

Mine: Pastrami with Lettuce, Banana Peppers, Sprouts, Tomato, Provolone, Honey Mustard on Marble Rye (my way) $8.75
This is the best sandwich in my life! It’s huge!! I was probably able to finish it all but I took a half home.

His: Club Stacker (as suggested) $8.50
When I asked him for a bite, he already finished all! He loves it too. We dined in there but most people come pick up sandwiches and besides us they seemed regulars.

17901 S Vermont Ste D
Gardena, CA 90248
(424) 228-1101

I went a grocery shopping after lunch and  started cooking for the whole week next week.

2:30pm: I had leftover with wine

What!? It looks totally different. Of course it doesn’t taste as delicious as 3.5 hours ago…I regret I didn’t finish at the place.

Make-Ahead dishes: Lemon Garlic Cabbage, Broccoli, Napa & Carrot Salad, Curry Bell Pepper & Fish Cake

Ponzu Red Bell Peppers & Shrimp Chili
These will be frozen for anytime in next 3 months.

My dinner: Lemon Garlic Cabbage, Garlic Shrimp + Chile Red
I was not hungry because of a lot of tasting during cooking. I made him Garlic Shrimp Pasta instead.

Later night: Nutella Beignet + Earl Grey


10:20am: Two pieces of chocolate + Coffee

This weekend, I do laundry, cleaning and cooking…