At Home, At Work

Sleepy Thursday

I’ve been so sleepy all day this week.



Sugar charge in the afternoon


At Home, At Work, Restaurants, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Tomato Cream Udon @ Shinsengumi 2 Go

Trying a new place for lunch.

Seafood Tomato Cream Udon $9.95

Soboro Bowl $6.95

Skewers $1.25 up each

Reasonable price and generous portion.

Shinsengumi 2 Go

Afternoon Break

Pacificana 2017, Chardonnay ★★

It’s sour and I am not a big fan.

Garlic Sesame Salad & Chips

Trader Joe’s flat Bread


Breakfast: Mango, Honey Butter Toast + Coffee

At Home, My Cooking

Tasting France

Breakfast @ 2pm: Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissant
I slept in and took it easy in bed for a while.

French caramel tastes so rich and buttery.

Dinner: Lemon Chicken & Garlic Sesame Salad

French tea smells and tastes so nice!

Japanese potato snack