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Healthy Dinner @ Mama Says

My Dinner: Garlic Rosemary Chicken Salad $8.75
Choose protein and style (salad, wrap or cibatta), then add any vegetables & topping as you like.

His: Spaghetti Bolonaise $9.75 + Side Salad $2.75

Food is fairly good and affordable here. However, it’s not so stylish. I really miss West LA.

Flowers & plants @ Home Depot


It was employee appreciation day today.

Lunch: Ginger Pork

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Am I Allergic to Kiwi!?

Low Carb Breakfast
I felt sick in stomach this morning as well as yesterday, which reminds me of the feeling when I eat pineapple. Started wondering I might be allergic to Kiwi. I looked up internet and found that it’s most likely since pineapple and kiwi are very similar. Uh-oh!

Lunch: Shrimp Spaghetti Butter Lemon Sauce

Dinner: Bulgogi with a lot of vegetable

Dessert: Banana Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream

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Steak Picado @ Monarca’s

Complimentary Chips & Salsa

His: Carnitas Plate $11.45

Mine: Steak Picado $11.45

Flan $3.50

Monarca’s Mexican Food
1220 Pacific Coast Hwy
Harbor City, CA 90710
(310) 326-2617


Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2


Afternoon Snack

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Disappointed with Tender Greens

Breakfast: Banana, Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Cream Cheese, Coffee

Lunch: Chicken Curry, Rice

Takeout Dinner from Tender Greens: Nicoise Salad $13

Fried Chicken Plate $12.50
Smallest chicken I’ve ever seen and they forgot a piece of garlic bread for this. Plus, the price went up. Triple damage 😦