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Indonesian Dinner @ Simpang Asia

Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3


Soto $8.95

AKA: Soto Ayam. Lime-turmeric chicken noodle soup. Rice noodle, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, scallion and emping chips.

I love the mild and flavorful broth.

Bihun Goreng Special $10.45

Wok-fry thin rice noodle, shrimp, beefball, fish cake, sausage, cabbage, chinese green, and egg. Available in spicy level (not spicy, lite heat, medium, spicy)

Simply delicious.

Cah Kangkung $8.95

Stir fry water spinach w/ garlic belacan in sizzling hot plate. Available in spicy level (not spicy, lite heat, medium, spicy)

Steam didn’t go away for a while. It’s that sizzling hot! My husband really enjoyed the vegetable, which he usually doesn’t.

Simpang Asia
10433 National Blvd Ste 2
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 815-9075

There is a cafe and Indonesian/Asian grocery store next door.

We walked around the blocks.

Stopped for gas on the way home. Fire Trucks were there!

Mini Cheese Cake $3.75 each
It’s good but nothing special.

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Kagura Tonkatsu Bento

Lunch: Filet Tonkatsu Bento from Kagura

Dessert Time @ 2:30pm

Dinner: Poke, Chicken & Yogurt Sauce, Manchego Cheese, Sweet Sparkling Wine

This aged cheese tastes so good. Thank you, Trader Joe’s!


Breakfast: Plum
It’s not so sweet as the last one.

Breakfast #2: Mini Danish Pan Bread

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Spicy Champon Noodle @ H Mart

I had a casual dinner with a friend at H Mart, food court. I was craving for Korean food but somehow ended up with something else.

Spicy Champon $8.95
I am not sure this is Japanese or Korean, but it’s spicy and sweet enough to satisfy me.

Corn Cob for dessert


Breakfast: Plum from the farmers market


Blueberry Yogurt Cake & Coffee followed

Leftover Lunch


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Personal Pizza & Salad

Today, we had a company event and lunch was provided.

A huge salad with ranch dressing
It’s been a while that I had this kind of simple salad with ranch. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

Personal size vegetable pizza




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Low Carb Meals

Breakfast: Yellow Peach, Blueberry Yogurt Cake

Lunch: Tomato, Broccoli, Salmon & Mushroom Ajillo, Zucchini Peperoncino

Afternoon Break #1

Afternoon Break #2

Dinner: Chicken Sou Vide with Bell Pepper Yogurt Sauce, Curry Pickled Egg, Salmon Ajillo

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Molcajete Burrito @ Nina’s Mexican Food

He always searches good Mexican restaurants and found this one.

Complimentary Chips & Salsa

Molcajete Burrito (Asada) $9

This is so delicious. Good amount meat, moderately spicy sauce, cheese and avocado on top…well balanced all together.

He had a regular burrito and regretted not having this wet one. Of course, I shared with him, but wanted to have a whole thing 🙂 Yes, it was that good.

Nina’s Mexican Food
1651 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-5081

After dinner, we split sparkling rose can.


Breakfast: American cherries, banana

Followed by Creme Brûlée pastry

It was not so good as it looked.

Lunch: Leftover from last night + Shrimp Tiella

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Skinny Canned Wines

I found different types canned wines at BevMo. Skinny ones. This would be a perfect size for me. Can’t wait to try them.



Takeout Dinner: Backyard Marinated Steak with Kale & Quinoa from Tender Greens

This pinot noir is supposed be chilled, but I drank as is. It’s smooth and fruity with cherry and raspberry flavor.

Dessert: Sweet Sake