Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – June 2017

The last class before summer break

Antipasto: Crostini di Pomodori Secchi
Cream cheese, dried tomato and basil on garlic toast.

Primo Piatto: Insalata di Riso
Rice salad with various vegetables, ham, tuna and cheese. Perfect meal for a hot summer day.

Secondo Piatto: Parmigiana di Melanzane

Eggplant Parmesan

Dolce: Granita alla Pesca
Peach Sorbet

Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – May 2017

Everyone was busy in May, so we asked the instructor to give us classes for both May and June Menus in June.

Antipasto: Insalata di Carote e Arance (Carrot & Orange Salad)
I was looking for a good recipe that I can enjoy having a lot of carrot, which is not my favorite. This is so delicious that I could eat everyday. Sweet and sour orange helps to ease carrot flavor.

Primo Piatto: Pasta Tonno e Patate (Tuna & Potato Pasta)
This could go really well with dry and crisp white wine. I think some people wouldn’t enjoy because of its fishiness.

Secondo Piatto: Polpette di Carne in Umido (Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce)
This would be everyone’s favorite. Using super lean ground beef and old bread makes very light and tasty meatballs.

Dolce: Cassata (Sicilian Frozen Dessert)
This is modern version of Sicilian traditional dessert. Frozen Ricotta cheese & cream with candied dried fruits & nuts. Upscale ice cream!

Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – April 2017

We learned recipes of very satisfying dishes but easy to cook.

Antipasto: Insalata di Ceci (Chickpea Salad)
I tried Primosale (Ricotta Salata). It’s solid and sality. The salad is seasoned with dried tomato, basil, lemon, salt and pepper. Very refreshing. Great with white wine.

Primo Piatto: Tiella (Oven baked mussels, rice, tomato and potato)
This dish from Puglia Region reminds me of Doria, very popular in Japan. It’s hard to tell what is inside from this picture. So I add a video to Instagram. It’s so delicious and enjoyable as main dish.

Secondo Piatto: Filetto di Maiale al Balsamico (Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Sauce)
So tender and so tasty. While cooking Balsamic vinegar sticks to my eyes and nose, but turns sweet at the end.

Dolce: Meringata alle Fragole (Meringue with Strawberries & Cream)
Fancy dessert that all girls would love. Demonstration on Instagram


Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – March 2017

We learned recipes with eggs for Easter and dessert for Italian Father’s Day.

Antipasto: Erbazzone (Swiss Chard Pie)

Primo Piatto: Pasta con Ragu di Salsiccia (Meat Sauce Pasta)
Ragu means meat sauce. Bolognese is a famous ragu. I really liked this Italian sausage and fennel seed one. It’s easier to make too 🙂

Secondo Piatto: Falsomagro (Sicilian Style Beef Roll)
Falso means ‘fake’ and magro means ‘skinny.”

Wrap up boiled egg, Mortadella, ground beef and Pecorino Romano with thin round tip steak

To make “roast beef.”

Dolce: Zeppole di San Giuseppe Fritte (St. Joseph’s Fried Cream Puff)
This is a dessert to celebrate Father’s Day, St. Joseph’s day in Italy.

Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – February 2017

Yesterday, a rain storm hit LA again. This morning, it became showering.

Antipasto: Crostini di Cavolo Nero
I’ve never tried Lacinato kale before. Boil for 40 minutes. Simply enjoy it on garlic toast with olive oil and salt.

Primo Piatto: Pasta con la Mollica
Sicilian version of seasoned bread crumb spaghetti. Brown processed crumbs with tomato paste and anchovy. Italian wisdom not to waste old bread and to make something nice. Surprisingly tasty.

Secondo Piatto: Baccala con Uvetta e Pinoli
Salted cod stew with tomato, raisin, olive and pine nuts. Well-balanced with sweetness and sourness.

Dolce: Panna Cotta al Caffe
Coffee flavored panna cotta. Delicious.

Cooking Class, Diet

Italian Cooking Class – January 2017

Today, a heavy rain storm hit LA. Last night I was thinking to cancel the class because I didn’t want to take a risk on driving 20 mile in the rain. I am glad I didn’t cancel it. The course was very homey hearty and perfect for the cold rainy day.

Antipasto: Involtino di Peperone
Potato Salad Wrapped Roasted Bell Pepper
My first thought was “Oh no, potato is carbs!” Then, “I knew that Italian food would be a full of carbs. So why don’t I just enjoy whatever!” This is one of the prettiest dishes in the class. Tastes amazing. More amazing that a tiny potato makes four of these. Only 10-15 grams potato per person!

Primo Piatto: Paniscia
Novarese Style Risotto
Another “Oh no.” But it tastes much better than it looks. Pint beans, savoy cabbage, Italian sweet sausage, beef stock and red wine all come together. I want this when I am sick. It’s like okayu in Japan and chicken soup in US. The instructor says this typical home dish is usually not available at restaurants even in Italy.

Secondo Piatto: Spezzatino di Maiale al Sugo
Pork Tomato Stew
Very simple recipe. Simmer pork for 1.5 hours. Juniper Berry makes pork delicious.

Dolce: Bonet
Chocolate Pudding from Piedmont
Of course, this is a big “NO NO” on my diet. About 15 grams sugar in chocolate pudding and caramel. Also, about 9 grams of carbs in Amaretti Cookies. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad. Yes, it is very delicious 🙂

Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – December 2016

Special Class for Christmas

Antipasti: Bocconcini de Uva al Gorgonzola, Ricci di Patate, Frittata di Vegetale
Gorgonzola & Pistachio Covered Grape, Potato Croquet with Mozzarella & Ham, Vegetable Omelet

Insalata di Rinforzo
Neapolitan Cauliflower Salad with Roasted Bell Pepper

These Antipasti are good with sparkling wine. I was thinking to bring a bottle but didn’t because my throat is not healed completely and so many party coming up.

Pasta al Cartoccio ai Frutti di Mare
This Baked Seafood Spaghetti is so gorgeous with shrimp, squid, cod, clams and mussels. FYI, Italian people traditionally eats seafood for Christmas not chicken or turkey.

Dolce: Cartellate
This is Christmas dessert from Puglia Region.

Honey with Orange & Lemon Zest over Fried Pastry