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Quick Pho Lunch @ Saigon Bistro

Craving for pho

First time to try here

Pho Special (small) $7.85

It’s pretty good.

It was a quick in-n-out lunch. Took only 20 minutes to leave.

Saigon Bistro
1639 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 618-9311

Afternoon Break

Dinner: Acqua Pazza, Artichoke Bread + Chardonnay



At Home, At Work, Diet, My Cooking

Tennis & Doughnut

Spontaneously playing tennis with my husband

He usually practice with his tennis buddies on Thursdays, but asked me to play with him. Ok…why not!

Make-Ahead dinner after tennis @ 6:40pm: Cucumber & Shrimp Ponzu, Tofu Gyoza, Spicy Pork & Bean Sprouts, Broccoli, Grape Tomatoes + Lemon Water

I was going to have Shochu, but simply wanted water instead after playing tennis. Exercise is good!

However, we both started craving for doughnuts. Oh-uh! Usually one of us stops but today we just drove to Ralphs to pick up some…

Expected they would sell Krispy Kreme but not available there.

This is denser and more like old fashion. It’s something different from one we wanted 😦


Collagen water first in the morning


After Breakfast

Ejoying chocolate with Medium Roasted Peet’s Coffee


At Home, At Work, Diet, My Cooking

Make-Ahead Lunch & Dinner

Lunch: Sour Soy Chicken, Tofu Gyuza, Broccoli, Mini Tomato, Rice, Umeboshi + Green Tea

Dinner: Spicy Pork & Bean Sprouts, Broccoli, Tomato, Cucumber & Chikuwa Salad, Japanese Bell Pepper & Jako Fish, Carrot & Orange Salad, Enoki & Okra with Ume Sauce + Shochu Lemon Soda

Main Dish: Shio Koji Fried Chicken


Breakfast: Honeydew, Cranberry Muffin + Coffee

At Home, Diet, My Cooking

Make-Ahead Meal Preparation (2)

Brunch @ 11am: Carrot & Orange Salad, Broccoli, Sausage, Cheese Omelette, Trader Joe’s croissant + Coffee

I continued preparing make-ahead meals that I couldn’t finish yesterday. It was hot today, so I mostly cut vegetables and prepared frozen dishes.

Ginger Pork & Okra Wrap (to be frozen and cooked later)

No photo but I made cucumber & chikuwa (fish cake) salad too. I was watching US Open Tennis Mens Final, Del Potro vs. Djokovic. Not much progress today again…

Making low carb version of Gyoza with fried tofu skin instead

Early Dinner @ 5pm: Trying low carb diet again

Tofu Gyoza & Sour Soy Chicken

Spicy Pork & Bean Sprouts

Around 7pm we went to Whole Foods for grocery shopping. They sell chicken feet. Wow!

Dessert: Fig & Yogurt

Preparing Shrimp & Rice

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Make-Ahead Meal Preparation (1)

Breakfast @ 10:30am: Trader Joe’s Raspberry Pastry + Coffee

I really wanted to watch US Open Tennis Women’s Final, Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka starting at 1pm. So I ran errands, grocery shopping, other shopping, getting gas and carwash.

I picked up lunch @ Tokyo Central. I got Katsu-Don for him and Tan Tan Men for myself.

Topping, Sauce, Noodles

Then mix everything…

It’s quite spicy but good.

My low carb dinner with a glass of shochu

Salted Pork & Bok Choy, Grape Tomatoes, Enoki Mushroom & Okra with Ume Sauce, Chikuwa, Japanese Bell Pepper & Jako Fish (to be refrigerated for next 3-4 days)

Salmon & Clam Acqua Pazza (to be frozen)

Steamed clam & Shimeji to enjoy immediately.

At Home, At Work, Diet

One Hope – California Cabernet Sauvignon


Dinner & Wine
This wine is a bit too sweet for me. My palate has changed.


Breakfast: Cookie & Cream Scoop Cake + Coffee

My annual physical result came back. Blood sugar rate is slightly higher than the normal range. I think I had too much sugar last two weeks. Japanese meals contains more sugar and salt than American or Italian. So I will cook or eat less Japanese from now on.