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Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo 2018

Once a year my friend P and I attend this event.

It’s 30th anniversary this year.

This event is for restaurant owners and chefs.

A lot of food samples

Katsu Curry Rice

Ramen Suggestions: Sukiyaki Ramen, Gyokai-Tonkotsu Ramen and Tomato Ramen

I tried Gyokai (Seafood)-Tonkotsu (Pork). It’s very rich seafood flavor.

Gyoza & Fried Chicken
This booth was actually sampling sauces. Fried chicken goes well with yuzu pepper sauce.

Fish and fish flake for dashi

More Ramen Sample

Shoyu Ramen, simple soy taste

Miso Curry Ramen with Nori
Rich but a little too salty

A variety of flavor oils

Serving suggestion of Yuzu Oil : Salmon Sushi

Beef Bowl

Dashi Soup of Shiitake, Konbu Seaweed and Bonito Flake


Black Miso, Red Miso and White Miso

Miyazaki Beef is one of most popular booths.

We were lucky to taste two different parts.

Miyazaki Beef – Ribeye with wasabi

Miyazaki Beef Poster

Cool Iichiko Booth – standing out with beautiful girls and lighting

One of my favorite sake brands


Sake Company from my home prefecture

These three bottles are not available in US market, unfortunately…

We go back and forth between sake section and food section.

Sesame Pudding


Fish specialist

Two different tunas

Specially treated Yellowtail
It’s not fishy at all.



Demonstration of Whole Bluefin Tuna Carving

Sampling of Toro Sushi and Sashimi after the demonstration
Toro is too fatty for me but I love this one. So fresh! These three piece could cost $20-30!

Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma – Best rice in Japan

Sake Barrel Display

We sit in 12pm Seminar – Jizake and Food Pairing

Lectured by Mr. Antony Moss, Master of Wine

Pairing 1. Soy Natto Marinated Tuna & Sparkling Sake
Natto usually makes my stomach sick (I like the taste but I think I am allergic to it). This tuna tastes so good with mild natto flavor. It made sake taste better too. Plus I didn’t get sick.

Pairing 2. Sake-Kasu Marinated Miyazaki Beef & Sweet Rich Sake
This sake itself is so rich and sweet like porto wine. Surprisingly, the beef made it more enjoyable.

These are sakes we had sampling in the seminar.

More sake sampling

Shochu sample (1)

Shochu sample (2)

Dashi Company

They sell ramen broth too. This yuzu-shio ramen tastes amazing. My favorite!

Tried a few more oils with tofu

Flavorful Salt


Sesame Mont Blanc was delicious!

We spent 4.5 hours there and left around 2pm. See you next year!

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Company Taco Lunch

Quarterly Company Taco Lunch: Two Chicken & Two Beef
Mucho delicioso!

Tasting Beef Quesadilla with hot sauce. Good and filling.

Afternoon Break: Assorted Cookies with Green Tea

Small Dinner: Chips & Pico de Gallo
He enjoyed leftover tacos.

Later the night
I love this coconut yogurt.

15g sugar, double of Siggi’s tho


Breakfast #1: Figs

Breakfast #2: Glazed Doughnut + Peet’s Cafe Domingo

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First Friday on Abbot Kinney

A friend asked me out to “First Friday on Abbot Kinney” where a lot of food trucks gathering. All public parking was full but we were so lucky to get a spot on the street right in front of the main venue. Yay!

Asian Fusion

Latin Cuisine

All kinds of food trucks there!

Art on trucks

The most famous Kogi BBQ!

World Famous Short Rib Taco $3
It’s actually really really good! A good amount of meat with a lot of vegetable. Spiciness makes me want beer!!! I will probably follow the truck and try other items soon.

Winner of TV Show “Food Truck”
Tots are getting trendy.

Doughnuts & Burgers…very attempting

Lyft Station
We could have taken a Lyft from her home in Santa Monica.

She was looking for a lobster truck. Here it is!

Mmmm. looking so good.

New England Lobster Roll $15
Mayo base lobster meat is so light and delicious. Love it!

Okamoto Kitchen

Japanese Food

We almost tried this best dumpling, but changed our mind.

Because we were right in front of the restaurant we wanted to try and we were thirsty.

Entrance Area

Somehow I didn’t feel like beer or wine…

I was still a bit hungry…

Cold-Pressed Juice sounds good!

A cool beachy vegan restaurant

Mint water in a bottle

Her Juice: Honey Bee $11 (left), Grapefruit, Turmeric Root, Yuzu, Kimquat, Honey, Bee Pollen
Mine: Water Flower $11 (right), Watermelon, Fennel, Cactus Pear, Honeydew, Lime, Lavender
They both taste delicious. For me 16oz is a little too much. At the end, it became too sweet too. So maybe, Juice Flight (4oz x 4) might work better for two people. In that way, you can mix up sweet and savory (green) juices.

Stone Fruit & Burrata Toast $14, Sourdough, Tomato Chutney, Nectarine, Sumac, Fresh Basil
OMG! This is not only delicious but so original. I’ve never tasted something like this before. It’s sweet and savory with so many flavors. I can make something close at home. Burrata could go with any fruits.

I would like to come back for other dishes. Lunch or Brunch could be better.

The Butcher’s Daughter
205 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 981-3004

On the way back to car…


Cup Cakes

So many people around the main venue

Sushi Burritos

It’s better to come before getting really crowded around 7 or 7:30. It was so fun to taste a lot of different stuff.

First Friday on Abbot Kinney, Venice, California
More information

Hanging out at friends house a bit with cats




Event, Family & Friends

Lunch & BBQ with OC Friends

Breakfast @ Hamadaya, Mitsuwa Irvine while he took a Tennis lesson from 11-noon

Lunch with a friend and her son @ Chipole, Laguna Niguel

BBQ @ Friends’ house, Mission Viejo

Japanese Fried Chicken


Delicious Rib Eye Steak

Perfectly Cooked

Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone

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Moving Out Sale & Delicious Cheesecake

A friend is moving back to Japan soon and had a moving out sale at her home today.

She baked delicious cheesecake

and offered tea & coffee.

More good stuff

Strawberry cake
I had a good time with her and other friends.

Trying a Trader Joe’s okra snack

and conveniently sliced three cheeses.

My happy hour 🙂

Late lunch

Goes well with red

Japanese chocolate cookie


Dinner: Shio-Koji Fried Chicken


Breakfast: Veggie Juice, Pancetta Omelette, Brioche with Nutella + Coffee

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Anniversary Dinner @ Primo Italia

Celebrating our 11th anniversary

His: Pinot Noir, Tenuta Mazzalino $13, Mine: Verdicchino di Matelica, Capostano $10

Wine Menu

Complimentary Bread & Tapenade
Great with wine

Food Menu #1

Food Menu #2

Antipasto: Porchetta, Baked Pork Belly $13
Satisfying amount and surprisingly light taste. A lot of greens underneath too.

My main: Linguini de le Vongole $21
Generous amount of clams. Perfect with Italian white.

His main: Pollo al Mattone $25
Caper sauce is very refreshing. This is a complete meal with vegetables. Nice!

I didn’t finish my linguini to saved room in my stomach for dessert.

Tiramisu $9 + Coffee $3 x 2

Watery and airy. I wanted it more mascarpone and less egg.

Primo Italia
24590 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-4288


Breakfast: Strawberries, Bagel + Coffee

Lunch: Carnitas Sandwich

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Shaun White Wins Gold Medal

Paso del Tiempo Viña Vieja Garnacha 2015 ★★★★
Watching Snowboard Half Pipe and drinking my favorite wine from Firstleaf

Dinner: Italian Meatballs & Broccoli + Spanish Red



Breakfast: Apple Turnover + Coffee

Lunch: Spaghetti with Sausage & Spinach