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Patchwork Show & Brunch in Santa Ana

A friend invited me to the patchwork show with a lot booths selling handmade stuff. Her favorite is Bungalow360, vegan leather/non-chemical canvas bag brand. I was not going to buy anything but got 11 pieces of totes, shoulder bag, pouches and more. Everything looks so cute and they would be nice holiday gifts.

Some shop is in the bus.

Had brunch with two friends, designer and photographer I used to work with and actually just started working with them again.

On the house: Stuffed Peppers with Shrimp and Goat Cheese
Because we had to wait for the transition from breakfast to lunch in the kitchen a bit, our server offered appetizer. Nice!

Fig & Brie Panini $13

They had chicken and shrimp sandwich.

Eat Chow
313 N Bush St
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(657) 266-0500

My dinner: Traditional Icelandic Skyr
I was not hungry at all because of a big lunch.

It tastes delicious and I love tart/sweet lingonberry.

Only 11g sugar and more protein

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Our Thanksgiving Day 2017

We didn’t have a plan till last minute for Thanksgiving this year. I wondered and checked back what we were doing past years.

2016: Just two of us travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico

2015: Two of us + a friend & dog travel to Paso Robles, California

2014: Two of us stay home, I cooked some chicken dish, dine out with 2 other couples next day

2013: Two of us travel to Portland, Oregon and spend time with family & friends

2012: Two of us + a friend spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Las Vegas, Nevada

We traveled last few years around this time, but we didn’t want because I just came back from 2-week Japan trip less than a month ago and he just finished the national tennis league. He wanted to roast a turkey but I didn’t want to. It would be a lot of leftover/waste because there were no people to invite. I felt Thanksgiving is not a big deal to us, but suddenly I started feeling sad that we had no plan to do/cook/get together with friends & family. Then, I searched a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner and found that Marie Callender’s and Mimi’s Cafe served the turkey dinner. Of course there are a bunch of restaurants around Los Angeles opening on Thanksgiving Day, but it would be more expensive and we didn’t want to spend much money after a huge expense on Japan and Tennis trips. So I made a reservation at Mimi’s Cafe, closer to our place for the “dinner” at 11am, only available time slot a week before the event.

Here is how we spent on Thanksgiving Day, 2017.

I got up around 8:30am and had a slice of Apple Cinnamon Bread & Coffee.

Then we did 30-minute yoga.

11am: Thanksgiving Supper $18.99

Too early to enjoy wine

Carrot-Nut Madeleines + white bread & butter

Starter: House Salad & French Onion Soup

Main Course

Roasted Turkey (both dark & white meat), Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Cranberry Relish

I couldn’t eat much because of our conversation about what if one of us died…then what would you do? He finished his plate tho. We asked our pie to go.

Around 2pm, I got hungry and had a little bit leftover.

Around 3pm, we drove to the park to hike.

It’s been so hot like 85-90 degree last couple days in LA.

It was still 83 when we were hiking.

Headed back because it’s too hot.

It was only 30 minutes hike 😛

Dinner: Cold Soba, Shabu Shabu Style meat & vegetable

Italian Pinot Grigio & Fig Goat Cheese

Around 9pm, Pumpkin Pie & Earl Grey

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Most Comfortable Movie Theater Seats

Breakfast: Bomboloni from Italy

I reheated in microwave and it was pretty good.


Movie Time, “Wonder”

Best seats in my life
So comfortable in the recliner with food rest.
The movie “Wonder” was so good. I cried and he cried so many times.

Chocolate around 3pm

Before dinner

Dinner: Sukiyaki

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Eataly Los Angeles

After birthday brunch at Petrossian, we went to check out Eataly that just opened a couple weeks ago at Westfield mall.

My cooking teacher was there at the market and we had drink & snack together.



French and Italian food made me want Japanese food.


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Birthday Brunch @ Petrossian

We had a special brunch to celebrate my birthday. They have outside seating tables with brightly white cloths on. Of course we took one in such a beautiful day.

I had a glass of Prosecco ($14) and he had coffee ($4).

Mine: Napoleon Tartare with Caviar $36

Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon & Caviar $36

What a gorgeous view

Melt in your mouth

Baguette was too crispy and I preferred enjoying tartare itself.

He loved and enjoyed his dish.

Elegant table setting inside the restaurant

Store and casual dining area

Pastries look so good

They gave me a little birthday gift. Can’t wait to try them.

Caviars, Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon ant more

Teas and Salts

I purchased 3 boxes of chocolate, Petrossian Pearls for friends.

We are very happy about the quality of food and service. The store attendant next door says that their brioche French toast is phenomenal. I want to go back for that soon.

Petrossian Paris Boutique & Restaurant
321 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048
(424) 239-5983

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WTT National Day 3

Around 7:00am, he started a day with yoga as usual.

I instead relaxed and enjoyed coffee & muffin on the balcony.

Then he had a warm-up before the last match.

Here is the venue for his team Day 3.

Although he and his partner played well, the team didn’t win 😦

Before heading back to LA, we stopped by a local diner for lunch.

California Avocado Cheeseburger $10.95

Too tired to have dinner on the night.

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WTT Nationals – Day 2

I felt too sick to get up to go cheer for his morning match at 8am. By sleeping in till 10 or so, I got recovered around 11.

Went to watch his match in the afternoon.

Got hungry and had an energy bar (from Tesloop)

We were relaxing a bit in the hotel room after.

Team dinner: Four teams from LA gathered at Yard House.

Shared a single scoop of Ben & Jerry’s after dinner.

I slept and ate enough, then felt great to go out for a night pool/Jacuzzi.