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Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo

Once-a-year event, Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo @ Pasadena Convention Center

Farmed Bluefin Tuna, fatty part

Variety of wasabi

Wasabi is good with meat and seafood


Soy paper

Monkfish liver on chips

Monkfish liver in tube
It’s easy to serve.

Yellowtail sushi

Mentaiko Cream Cheese on baguette

Mentaiko booth

Albacore & baby scallop

Miyazaki Beef

Beautifully marbled

Japanese knives are best


Ramen broth

Green Tea


Pitan Ramen

Award-winning sake

One of my favorite: Yume Wa Masa Yume

Sake from my home town


Curry Seminar by S & B

Mixing spices to make my own curry powder


Yuzu juice

Yuzu sorbet was so delicious.


Sea Salt with a lot of umami

Orange shochu

Trying warm sake

Umeshu, plum sake

Nurukan, warm sake seminar

Sake made of snow mountain water

Ponzu dressing

This brown rice is very moist and delicious.

Sanma sushi

All samples I got

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Business Meeting @ Sanuki No Sato

A perfect room for a business meeting

Kuzukake Udon $13
Ginger and Mentaiko are spicy in two different ways.

Sanuki No Sato
18206 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 324-9184


Breakfast: Sandwich from 2 days ago
It tastes old.


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Hawaiian Breakfast & Dinner

Hawaiian Breakfast: Fried eggs, spam, rice

He made this delicious breakfast.

I had only yogurt for lunch.

Hawaiian Dinner
We were invited to a friend’s house for his birthday party.

Started with this white, then red from the same winery

A glass of sparkling

This is a bottle we brought. Selected by Firstleaf

Birthday Cake

Tres Leches

I had three or four glasses of wine and got so drunk.

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Get Together with OC Friends

His every day routine in the morning, yoga

Meal planning for 10 while enjoying muffin & coffee

Lunch: Leftover Nikujaga & Egg over Rice

Didn’t know how hard to cook for 10 people. I was going to prepare one more dish but couldn’t make it. It seems that everyone enjoyed the meal.

He found this fruit called Pepino Melon at Sprouts Market and had everyone try together. It tastes between melon and cucumber. It’s not sweet but juicy.

A friend brought Chocolate Panna Cotta. Yum.

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Steak Salad & Vichyssoise

All Natural Premium Angus Top Sirloin from Trader Joe’s
I tenderized beef by poking with a fork and rubbed with garlic, salt & pepper.

Dinner Time!

Steak on Spinach & Onion, Yuzu Ponzu Sauce + French Red

Red Bell Pepper Vichyssoise


Low Carb Breakfast

Mango Yogurt
My favorite is still vanilla.

My husband came to my office to observe the solar eclipse this morning.

We couldn’t get glasses and he made a special tool himself. Unfortunately, it was partially cloudy and we were not sure this is working either 😦

Lunch: Jigae Soup & Rice

Drinking wine while cooking