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Healthy Lunch @ Tocaya Organica

We had lunch with our couple friends today. They are the ones who have lived in Santa Monica for a long time and introduced Fresh Corn Grill to us. So we were going to have lunch with them at FCG for the last time before moving. However, we could get together only on Sundays when FCG is closed. Once again, I asked them their other favorite restaurants. Here we are!

They really know good and healthy restaurants.

Reasonable prices for so many options

Taco Combos $10.95
This is his sides, sweet corn tamale & chips with 3 salsas. I forgot to take a photo of his tacos.

Shredded Kale & Quinoa Salad $11.95, Coconut Ginger Green Tea $2.95
This is my meal. You can choose any protein & queso as you like, but I took tofu and vegan chipotle jack as suggested by chef. It was so delicious. It was so delicious and I felt so healthy.

Tocaya Organica
12150 Millennium Dr Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90094
(424) 289-6105

After lunch we took a walk around the central park next to the office complex the restaurant is located. Fun to find an watch koi fish, frogs, turtles and ducks on the pond.

Picked up a free pizza for T-Mobile Tuesday

Regular crust with Canadian Bacon
I am sad that they don’t offer pan crust this time.

Pizza & Beer, perfect for a summer night



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DineLA Dinner @ A Food Affair

This place has been on my list for three years.

Finally here I come with a girlfriend.

DineLA Prix Fixe Menu $39

Drink Menu

First glass of mine: Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay $12, hers: Rive Sud – Rose of Pinot Noir Pays d’Oc 2014 $12

I loved my chardonnay that is floral and crisp. She enjoyed the rose too.

Appetizer of mine: Fig & Apricot Salad, Arugula, Goat Cheese, Port Wine Reduction, hers: Wild Mushroom Tourte

Main of mine: Duck Leg Confit, Belgua Lentil Herb Salad, Apricot & Passion Fruit Ketchup, hers: Grass Fed Beef Bourguignon

Because of complex fruitiness of peach, pomegranate and the “Ketchup,” I enjoyed every bite of duck and lentil salad. Portion was just right for me.

We both wanted another glass. She did Sangria $12, I did Baron de Seillac, Rose $13.

Dessert of mine: Meyer Lemon Pie, hers: Creme Brûlée

My dessert was fun to look and taste with my favorite pistachio and edible flowers.

DineLA offers great deals at LA’s notable restaurants. Our dining experience here is memorable because of tasty food and attentive service. The owner/chef came to greet us and make sure if we were happy. Very nice.

A Food Affair
1513 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 557-9795


He made me lunch last week. Today, he made me breakfast. How nice!

Egg was perfectly cooked and simply seasoned with sea salt/black pepper.

What a bliss 🙂


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He Made Me Lunch!

I was too lazy to prepare lunch myself and to go out for it either. So just asked him to make one for me. He did!!!

Bryan’s Special: Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, American Cheese, Avocado, Mayo and Mustard on Multigrain White Bread

He instructed to take the sandwich out of fridge 30 minutes before eating. It was perfect. I am going to ask him again 🙂

It was a hot day, so I decided to have cold soba noodle for dinner.

Dinner: Cha-Soba (green Tea soba), Miso Mayo Chicken, Carrot, Broccoli, Barley Tea

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Talking About Business @ Torihei

I had yakitori dinner with friends who worked projects with me several years ago. We naturally start talking about a new project.

Asahi Draft to start

Cabbage with Torihei Sauce on the side

Mushroom Salad

Chicken Thigh



Beef Tongue




$40 per person

1757 W Carson St Ste A
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 781-9407

Green Snow with Red Bean
More dessert more talk.

2814 Sepulveda Blvd Unit C
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 517-9558



After breakfast


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Girls Party Goes On…

I woke up around 11am at the friend house. Then we started talking about money, life and music…When feeling hungry, I took a look at the clock and it was 4pm already! Wow, did we chat another 5 hours!?

I called to check on him and he said “Take your time.” So we went out for “lunch.”

Traditional Combo Pho $8.90

Pho Tasia
5329 University Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 857-0856

After a couple hours chat, I finally headed for home bound.

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Girls Night @ Friend’s House

Another friend joined us after dinner. Four of us hung out at home and did chat, chat, chat.

Homemade Umeshu, plum wine by a friend
Very good.

Rainier Cherry and Basque Cheese

Smells strong but tastes smooth and mildly aged

Fruity Rose

Opening a bottle of Rose bubble too.

Time flies when girls hang out with no distraction by boys. Party went on till 2am! We all needed this quality time 🙂

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Omakase Sushi @ Oshima

Oshima is one of the most notable restaurants serving authentic sushi for reasonable price in Orange County. My girlfriends and I have been talking about trying it for a long time and finally it happened. A obstacle is they are only available for 30 minutes between 5-5:30pm to to take reservations and most phone calls wouldn’t get through. So we even didn’t try but arrived 35 minutes before it opens instead. 6-7 people were lining up already and 10 more people arrived by the time it opened the door. We were pretty sure we would be able to get in for the first round but a large group with reservation showed up. Aww!!! They put down our name on the list and told us wait would be an hour because a few other groups reserved tables. Ouch!

After 25 minutes, around 5:55pm, we were called to be seated. Yay! It was not bad. The ambience is kind of romantic.

Sharing a bottle of beer $6 x 2

Sushi Menu (left slip for local fish, right for fish from Japan)

Omakase Sushi (10 pcs) $40

From Top left: Sea Bream(鯛), Sea Bass(スズキ), Japanese Butterfish(メダイ), Bluefin Tuna(本マグロ), Amberjack(カンパチ), Toro & Green Onion(ネギトロ), Scallop(ホタテ), King Mackerel(サワラ), Cherry Salmon(サクラマス), Black Cod(銀ダラ)

Every piece is seasoned with citrus juice, soy sauce or other condiments such as yuzu pepper or marinated wasabi, so you don’t have to dip in soy sauce. Every single piece was so delicious.

My favorites are sea bream, king mackerel, toro and black cod. 10 pieces of omakase nigiri are thoughtfully prepared. I think it’s supposed to enjoy top left to right, then down left to right. It would elevate from light/delicate to fatty/bold tastes.

We added 5 more.

From left: Raw Octopus(生ダコ),  Crab Meat with Liver(カニ味噌), Pike Conger(ハモ), Sardine(イワシ), Rosy Sea Bream(のどぐろ)

Total: $80 per person including tax & tip

Although we couldn’t relax since there was 2 hours limit and people were waiting at the entrance area, which is next to our table, it was very satisfying with quality food that we simply enjoyed sushi. I like the proportion of a little rice and bigger fish.

1956 N Tustin St
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 998-0098