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Cleaning Up Fridge Day

We were going to an Italian restaurant for a certificate tonight. However, there were so much prepared food in the fridge to finish, so we changed the plan.

Dinner: Daikon & Minced Pork, Broccoli, Mini Tomato, Chikuwa Cucumber, Pork Miso Soup, Rice and Umeboshi




Afternoon Snack

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Japanese Meal & Kirin Beer

Lunch: Shio Koji Fried Chicken, Broccoli, Rice + Green Tea

Afternoon Break

Appetizer: Pork Miso Soup

Daikon & Minced Pork + Kirin Beer



Morning Coffee with Chocolate

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Korean Spa & Lunch

Today I was off but he was not, so I went to Korean Spa to relax.

Gardena Women Sauna
I always go to a women only place.

After soaking in hot tubs, getting body scrub and relaxing in sauna, I had Korean lunch.

Lunch Menu #1

Lunch Menu #2


I love this little crab in spicy sauce.

Yukgaejang $11.99
I always order spicy beef soup.

The Place Gu Jip Restaurant
15435 S Western Ave Ste 109
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 354-0007

Dessert with him @ 3:30pm: My cheese cake with green tea

His dinner
I skipped dinner.



At Home, My Cooking

My Cooking Day!

Breakfast @ 10:40am: Nutella Stuffed French Toast + Coffee

It was first time to make it but came out perfect.

Grocery shopping @ Whole Foods

Lunch Time

Cooking Yokote Yakisoba, fried noodle from my home prefecture

It’s supposed to be served with Fukujin-zuke not red ginger.

Noodle is chewier than regular yakisoba and sauce is sweeter. Delicious 🙂

Light Dinner @ 8pm

Dessert: Cheese Cake

I tried a new recipe. It looks ugly but tastes good 🙂

At Home, At Work, My Cooking

Home Made Okonomiyaki

Cheese, Salami & Wine before dinner

Artichoke Antipasto & Wine before dinner


I usually use okonomiyaki mix, but today made my own with flour, eggs, dashi powder and Chinese yam. It came out very fluffy. I believe that it’s healthier because of more yam and less flour.



Lunch: Make-Ahead Frozen Meal

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Taking a Long Nap after the Cold Night

We got up around 7am. It was so cold during the night. Once sun rose, it got much warmer. He set firs in the pit to get ever more warmer.

Making coffee in a percolator.
We had breakfast, Pork Miso Soup and Rice, our friends prepared around 8am. Left the site and headed home around 9am.

About 2 hour drive home

I took a shower, got warm and clean, then had lunch. Felt so tired and took a long nap in the afternoon.

Mozzarella & Prosciutto + Australian Shiraz

Dinner: Napolitan

This bottle is a part of $30 for 6 bottle deal by Wine Insiders.

Paperbark 2016 Shiraz, South Australia ★★
Bright flavors of blackberry and plum, and notes of chocolate and spice

Green Tea & Cocoa Batons later