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His Breakfast & Lunch

He made me breakfast

and lunch too 🙂

Turkey & Ham Sandwich

So good 🙂


White Chocolate

made in Italy

Before dinner

Dinner: Spaghetti Meat Sauce

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Nouilles of 3rds, Cambodian Noodles

Craving for Vietnamese Noodle Soup then trying a Cambodian place nearby.

I like a simple menu

Clean and chic dining area

His: Beef Loc Lac $13

Mine: Chicken Noodle Soup $8
I love this noodle. Similar to pho with mild but flavorful broth with a hint of garlic.

Nouilles of 3rds
2413 Pacific Coast Hwy Ste 102
Lomita, CA 90717
(424) 347-7022

Dinner: Chicken Curry



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Our Thanksgiving Day 2017

We didn’t have a plan till last minute for Thanksgiving this year. I wondered and checked back what we were doing past years.

2016: Just two of us travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico

2015: Two of us + a friend & dog travel to Paso Robles, California

2014: Two of us stay home, I cooked some chicken dish, dine out with 2 other couples next day

2013: Two of us travel to Portland, Oregon and spend time with family & friends

2012: Two of us + a friend spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Las Vegas, Nevada

We traveled last few years around this time, but we didn’t want because I just came back from 2-week Japan trip less than a month ago and he just finished the national tennis league. He wanted to roast a turkey but I didn’t want to. It would be a lot of leftover/waste because there were no people to invite. I felt Thanksgiving is not a big deal to us, but suddenly I started feeling sad that we had no plan to do/cook/get together with friends & family. Then, I searched a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner and found that Marie Callender’s and Mimi’s Cafe served the turkey dinner. Of course there are a bunch of restaurants around Los Angeles opening on Thanksgiving Day, but it would be more expensive and we didn’t want to spend much money after a huge expense on Japan and Tennis trips. So I made a reservation at Mimi’s Cafe, closer to our place for the “dinner” at 11am, only available time slot a week before the event.

Here is how we spent on Thanksgiving Day, 2017.

I got up around 8:30am and had a slice of Apple Cinnamon Bread & Coffee.

Then we did 30-minute yoga.

11am: Thanksgiving Supper $18.99

Too early to enjoy wine

Carrot-Nut Madeleines + white bread & butter

Starter: House Salad & French Onion Soup

Main Course

Roasted Turkey (both dark & white meat), Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Cranberry Relish

I couldn’t eat much because of our conversation about what if one of us died…then what would you do? He finished his plate tho. We asked our pie to go.

Around 2pm, I got hungry and had a little bit leftover.

Around 3pm, we drove to the park to hike.

It’s been so hot like 85-90 degree last couple days in LA.

It was still 83 when we were hiking.

Headed back because it’s too hot.

It was only 30 minutes hike 😛

Dinner: Cold Soba, Shabu Shabu Style meat & vegetable

Italian Pinot Grigio & Fig Goat Cheese

Around 9pm, Pumpkin Pie & Earl Grey

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Apple Rose Cake

“Baking” Apple Rose Cake last night
It’s so easy mix all ingredients, set in rice cooker and press the button.

Breakfast: Icelandic Yogurt and apple cake with maple syrup

Lunch: Orecchiette in Chicken Tomato Sauce

After lunch

Around 3pm

New moon/Crescent

Dinner: Somen Chanpuru

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Top Sirloin Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon

Dinner: Top Sirloin Steak, Sauteed Spinach, Tomatoes

Pairing with Cal Red, a friend gave me for my birthday

I just pounded the meat then it was not so tender as last time when poking with fork.

He had Trader Joe’s sweet corn tamale and I tried a bite.

We were still hungry and had pieces of cheese. Good.

This is a souvenir from Philippine.

I didn’t like it at all not because of the taste but sticky texture. It could chip your teeth.

Chocolate and cookie from Japan. These are good with wine too.

Later night: Persimmon


Brunch: His Nutella & Jelly Sandwich + Coffee

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Salted Lemon Pork Hot Pot (ねぎ豚塩レモン鍋)

I found the recipe on Delish Kitchen TV and tried it. It tastes way better than I imagined although all ingredients were not measured precisely. This would be our regular menu for dinner in winter.

Ingredients: Napa Cabbage, Green Onion, Sliced Pork Belly, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Lemon, Chicken Broth, Salt and Pepper *I added fried tofu that’s not on the original recipe

Put vegetables and pork with garlic and chicken broth in the pot and heat until boiling then turn down heat for 10 minutes.

Make salted lemon sauce by mixing chopped green onion, chicken broth, lemon juice, sesame oil, salt & pepper.

Add the sauce to the pot and heal 5 more minutes.

That’s all!

I am glad that he loves it too.


Breakfast: Banana, Strawberries, Shrimp chips

Lunch: Oden & Rice