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Sapporo Chicken Soup Curry

Last thing he brought back from Japan, Microwavable Chicken Soup Curry

Adding chicken legs and vegetables

I like soup curry better than regular Japanese curry. You can taste more umami and spices but lighter.

I wish chicken has gotten a little burnt, but tastes good and crispy.


Breakfast: Chocolate Brioche, Strawberries + Coffee

Lunch #1: His sandwich (only a few bites)

Lunch #2: Leftover Tanmen

Lunch #3: Arugula Pesto Spaghetti with Olives + Red Wine

Cocktail Candy

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Brunch @ The Cheesecake Factory

I got a Cheesecake Factory’s gift card last Christmas and we were finally there for brunch today. When we arrived at 11am, it was not a rush hour yet and we got a nice patio table in front of yacht harbor.

Freshly squeezed OJ ($4.95) for him. Bread was good.

Mine: Chicken Bellagio $16.95
Arugula salad was a bit too salty but it was balanced out with chicken and pasta.

His: Chicken & Avocado Club Sandwich $14.95

It was huge and I had only 1/3 of it and the rest would be my lunch tomorrow.

Initially we were there for cheesecake but got too full. Maybe next time.

Dinner: Curry Rice with Spinach & Egg + Chardonnay


White Chocolate Cookie Sand

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Pinwheel Cafe Bakery

Getting some pastries @ Pinwheel Cafe Bakery around 8:30am

Two kinds of croissants

Two kinds of scones

His breakfast: Ham & Cheese Croissant

Mine: Pistachio Croissant
Very sweet. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

“Lunch”: Cranberry & Orange Peel Scone + Coffee

Dinner: Pancetta Peperoncino, Steak Salad + Chardonnay

Dessert: Soft Served Ice Cream @ McDonald’s

At Home, My Cooking, Restaurants

Burger & Pork Cutlet

I slept in this morning and went out for lunch with him around 11:30am.

We notice photo display in the restaurant.

Mine: Animal Style Cheeseburger Combo, His: Double-Double @ In-n-out

Dinner: Pork Tenderloin Cutlet + Red Wine


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Moving Out Sale & Delicious Cheesecake

A friend is moving back to Japan soon and had a moving out sale at her home today.

She baked delicious cheesecake

and offered tea & coffee.

More good stuff

Strawberry cake
I had a good time with her and other friends.

Trying a Trader Joe’s okra snack

and conveniently sliced three cheeses.

My happy hour 🙂

Late lunch

Goes well with red

Japanese chocolate cookie


Dinner: Shio-Koji Fried Chicken


Breakfast: Veggie Juice, Pancetta Omelette, Brioche with Nutella + Coffee

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Wollombi Pass – Australia Shiraz

2017 Wollombi Pass Big Rivers, Australia Shiraz ★★★

This fresh and bright wine offers notes of raspberry, red cherry, caramel, mocha, vanilla and eucalyptus. I like it.

Dinner: Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Celery & Broccoli Salad + Wine


Breakfast: Yogurt, Fuji Apple

Some Japanese Sweet + Coffee

Lunch: Celery Salad + Instant Udon

I crave for Japanese cup noodle once in a while.