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Waking Up Around 4AM

I had a heavy jet lag this time. Couldn’t hold myself up last night and went to bed so early. Then woke up around 4am.

Had yogurt and grapes for breakfast. I just picked up Thai food for lunch.

During work, I started coughing so hard. Dry cough.

Went to bed around 7 or so. No dinner.

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Hawaiian Breakfast & Dinner

Hawaiian Breakfast: Fried eggs, spam, rice

He made this delicious breakfast.

I had only yogurt for lunch.

Hawaiian Dinner
We were invited to a friend’s house for his birthday party.

Started with this white, then red from the same winery

A glass of sparkling

This is a bottle we brought. Selected by Firstleaf

Birthday Cake

Tres Leches

I had three or four glasses of wine and got so drunk.

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Taking Sick Day & Late Night Tacos

During the night I felt so sick in stomach and woke up. I knew it would be coming. I admit I ate more than I was able to digest in time. Especially heavy meat. I went back to sleep around 4:30am but still felt sick in the morning.

I took a sick day and rested my stomach all morning. Around 2pm, I felt hungry so had water, banana and oj, but got sick again.

Around 7pm I was so hungry to eat udon.

Later I felt that my stomach was having a hard time to digest.

My husband had an appointment at UCLA Medical Center for some check up at 10pm. I came along…

After that, he tried a street taco truck.

People kept coming. Wow, it must be good, but I could’t take it 😦

I was just watching his food 😦

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Yakisoba with Bean Sprouts & Nira

My stomach had been empty for 19 hours since 1pm yesterday. I felt sick in stomach after the Indian lunch, which I believe nothing wrong with it. I am just not capable to digest a lot of food at once and it happens once in a while. Anyway, I was so hungry last night around midnight and couldn’t wait for a morning.


After breakfast: Some sugar + coffee

Lunch: Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Tomato, Shrimp, Cucumber, Beef, Tonjiru
I don’t think this is too much, but my stomach feels out of order after lunch.

Dinner: Yakisoba with Bean Sprouts & Nira, Japanese Eggplant with Ginger Soy Sauce, Cucumber & Shiso + Italian White
I didn’t want anything again because my stomach still felt sick when dinner was ready. One hour later around 7pm, I was getting hungry.

I just love this cheese. Had sides and a few bites of yakisoba. I made it with a lot of bean sprouts and less noodle. Two new make-ahead dishes, eggplant and cucumber are so good.

Chocolate instead of finishing noodle

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 31: 127.5lb (-5.5lb), body fat 25.5%
*I lost another 1.0lb since yesterday because of 19 hour fasting.

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Tonjiru & Onigiri

For some reason, I went grocery shopping to Marukai and Sprouts at 9:30am and came back around 10:50am.

Breakfast @ 11am

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. I craved for sugar/carbs 😦

I thought 10 grams per serving might be ok…

11:20am: Apple Coffee Cake + Coffee
Mmmmm, this is a kind of breakfast I used to have. Nice!

11:30am: Leftover from last night
This could be lunch. I was still hungry.

I spent 2 hours on preparing make-ahead dishes for next week. 7 dishes are ready to go in the freezer.

2:00pm: Edamame, Shrimp, Cheese + Italian White

I was so excited to find my favorite cheese at Bristol Farms last night. Very creamy with black truffle flavor. I was going to order through Amazon but it costs more than double since a cooling shipping is required.

This cracker is delicious too.


Dinner: Broccoli, Cucumber, Tomato & Shrimp in Ponzu, Tonjiru (Pork Miso Soup)

Tuna and shiso leaf Onigiri followed.

Later the night, I got stomachache. Why? Maybe I ate too much!?

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 29: 130.0lb (-3.0lb from day 1, +1.5lb from yesterday), body fat 28%
*Oh-uh, how I eat directly affects my weight and body fat. Probably I exceeded daily carbs I should limit to.

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Lemon & Olive Chicken


Adding “A feel good cereal”

It tastes good too.

I went NET to follow up. The doctor says my ear is healed and my throat got better.


Afternoon snack

Appetizers & Chardonnay

#1 Orange & Yellow Bell Pepper in Ponzu & Olive Oil (cooked frozen in microwave), #2 Celery & Deep Fried Tofu in Wafu Dashi, #3 Drumsticks simmered in Lemon & Olive
I made three make-ahead dishes for tonight and later. All of them tastes so good. He loves them all too.

More dish

Lemon & Olive Chicken

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 10: 131.5lb (-1.5lb), body fat 25.5%

At Home, At Work, Diet, My Cooking, Sick

Oh No! I got rash :(

Breakfast: Banana, Nutella Toast + Coffee
He packed breakfast for me as usual. I appreciate it but no more sugar and carbs please.

Lunch: My first “make ahead meal,” Deep Fried Tofu Gyoza
No carbs.

We got a box of Godiva chocolate. Mmmm. dangerous.

I noticed there was rash all over my body right after coming home. First I suspected Korean watercress I just bought at a market. Now wondering it could be a side effect or allergic reaction to antibiotics I had taken last 10 days. I got rash when taking some kind of fever drug before.

Dinner: Korean spinach & warabi, gobo, carrot and okara (soy pulp)

Finally, rice & whole barley with egg
The cooking book says, whole barley is nutritious and prevents carbs turning to body fat. So it is ok to eat a small portion of this rice at end of meal. Yay.

Korean Market is great. They have various whole grains for reasonable prices.