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Taking a Long Nap after the Cold Night

We got up around 7am. It was so cold during the night. Once sun rose, it got much warmer. He set firs in the pit to get ever more warmer.

Making coffee in a percolator.
We had breakfast, Pork Miso Soup and Rice, our friends prepared around 8am. Left the site and headed home around 9am.

About 2 hour drive home

I took a shower, got warm and clean, then had lunch. Felt so tired and took a long nap in the afternoon.

Mozzarella & Prosciutto + Australian Shiraz

Dinner: Napolitan

This bottle is a part of $30 for 6 bottle deal by Wine Insiders.

Paperbark 2016 Shiraz, South Australia ★★
Bright flavors of blackberry and plum, and notes of chocolate and spice

Green Tea & Cocoa Batons later

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Fishing & Camping @ Green Valley

Fishing @ Green Valley Lake (2-4pm)

He caught a rainbow trout!

Relaxing but very chilly

Arrived at Camp Site

While he set up a tent…

I cooked curry

Friends family arrived and got fire in pit.

Grilling the trout on the pit

It tastes so fresh and flavorful.

Curry Rice warms us up!

We enjoyed tea & marshmallow along with conversation sitting around the fire pit. It was pretty cold but a great night with a lot of shining stars on the sky.


Breakfast #1

Breakfast $2

My lunch

His lunch

Family & Friends, Restaurants, Vacation/Trip

Crepe Breakfast & Flying Norwegian Air

One last meal was crepes.

First and only time that we had French only menu

Savory Galettes

Sweet Crepes & Gaufres

Drinks & Ice Cream

I had tea because my stomach still felt sick

This lady speaks only French. Finally I felt in France.

His “Cafe Allonge” and my “Earl Grey”

His: Nutella Crepe with Banana

Mine: Galette with Ham & Cheese

His bros’: AL Pacino

Simple is best. Je suis tres content!

To go counter

Hotel room with gaudy design

Charles De Gaulle Airport

Flying with Norwegian Air (Paris-Los Angeles) for the first time. You have to pay for everything such as food, seat reservation, snack, drinks etc. We upgraded by paying about $90 from Low Fare to Low Fare+ that includes seat reservation, one checked luggage and 2 meals on the flight when booking online as suggested to save $45 comparing purchasing them separately.

Second meal less than 1 hour before landing

Food tastes ok, but I was not happy that they didn’t serve drinks with meals. Service is not good and restrooms are not well-maintained. Price is good but Norwegian would not be my first choice next time.

Family & Friends, Restaurants, Vacation/Trip, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

French Paradox – Canard & Champagne

This place was introduced on some TV show. Since then, I was interested in trying. It’s so unique that their specialities are duck and Champagne. The owner explains that duck dishes are commonly paired with red wine but Duck and Champagne are two French favorite, so why not enjoying together!?

The restaurant is located in a beautiful passage.

We reserved a table for 7 people (3 couples + 1 kid)

What a deal!!! Entree (Appetizer) + Plat (Main) = 28 euro

It’s a fun place too.

La Carte (Menu) – very simple

My Appetizer: Terrine de Canard (duck terrine)
Very good. Perfect with a glass of dry Champagne.

His Appetizer: Foie Gras de Canard
We actually shared. He liked terrine better. I love both.

His Main: Cofit de Canard

My Main: Magret de Canard
This was my favorite dish in the entire trip.

We ordered two bottles of Champagne: FrereJean Frere 49 euro + Soutiran 80 euro

First time to see decanta sparkling wine. He says bad bobbles should be gotten rid of. We tasted before and after. The after definitely tastes better.

Dessert: Panna Cotta 8 euro
Huge but very light and delicious.


French Paradox-Canard et Champagne
57 passage des Panoramas
75002 Paris, France
+33 9 81 83 95 69