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Celebrating His Birthday (2)

Although we are going to Providence to celebrate his birthday next week, I made something he likes for dinner tonight.

Italian Meatball in Tomato Sauce with Broccoli

This is a birthday gift from a friend

Very nice. It goes well with the food.


Brunch @ 11am: French Toast & Bacon + Coffee

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Celebrating His Birthday (1)

OC friends organized a Tennis & Dinner event for his birthday. We drove to Irvine for tennis 2-4:30pm and had dinner at our favorite restaurant with more friends afterwards.

Starting with beer and a few appetizers


Daikon Salad


We love shochu with sparkling water & lemon.

Albacore sashimi with garlic flakes

Miso Intestines

I didn’t take pictures but we had fried chicken, California roll, salmon skin salad, agedashi tofu and grilled beef tongue etc.

Shoyu ramen to close
My favorite ramen around LA

They got a birthday cake as well.

Rich chocolate

Oki Doki
13681 Newport Ave Ste 9
Tustin, CA 92781
(714) 730-7051


Breakfast: Pancake with Nutella and Homemade Strawberry Jam

Lunch: Carnitas Torta @ Super Gallito

Best torta ever!

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Gyoza & Soba Dinner

Dinner: Edamame & Gyoza + Orion Beer
Beer & Gyoza is a perfect marriage.

Hot Soba with Tempura

Dessert: Red Bean Bun + Hot Milk

Breakfast: Banana, Apple, Honey Toast + Coffee

Lunch: Soon Tofu, Rice

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Osechi Dinner Continued…

Osechi is supposed to be enjoyed from January 1st to 3rd. So that mom can take a break from cooking during New Year Holidays.

Garlic & Herb Brie goes well with Junmai Ginjo.

Tempura Soba to finish the meal





Afternoon Break

Vegetable Soup

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Food @ New Year’s Day

Lunch: お雑煮 (Ozouni-Mochi in Soup), お節料理 (Osechi Ryouri)

We went to IKEA to buy a bookcase/shelf for his office. Then eat again…

Osechi & Warm Sake

Mini Ikura Bowl

Delicious 🙂

おしるこ (Oshiruko-Mochi in Red Bean Soup) & Green Tea

We ate too much, especially a lot of carbs!

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Osechi Feast @ New Year’s Eve

After he left for tennis practice around 1pm, I started working on plating and table setting for New Year’s Eve feast. Most people in Japan eat osechi, specially prepared only for new year on New Year’s Day. However, our family tradition is to start enjoying on December 31.

Sake from my home prefecture, Mt. Fuji plates, cups & carafe

Filling wooden bento box with osechi for later

伊達巻 (Datemaki), なます (Namasu), 黒豆 (Kuromame), 栗金団 (Kuri Kinton), かまぼこ (Kamaboko)

八幡巻 (Yahatamaki), 煮しめ (Nishime), 有頭海老 (Yuto Ebi)

I prepared individual plates for tonight and we started the feast around 4pm.

Another tradition of us is to have KFC on New Year’s Eve.

I love this sake cup with Mt. Fuji inside.

My husband don’t like traditional Japanese food much, but enjoyed most of it tonight. My hard work paid off.

My second round: 松前漬 (Matsumaezuke), 鰊漬け (Nishizuke) & more sake

Around 9pm: 年越そば (Toshikoshi Soba) & more sake

We kept eating and taking easy till midnight. After hearing the new year fireworks, we went to bed.


I picked up lunch @ Tokyo Central, Costa Mesa on the way home.

Mine: Spanish Mackerel Bowl, His: California Roll

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Girls Kitchen Party 2017 – Osechi Preparation

Breakfast @ Home

Lunch @ Friend’s house
Inari Sushi prepared by a friend

Taliata, I prepared with Italian red
We started cooking osechi, but I was almost done with my two dishes at this point. Yay!

Around 4:30pm, we took a break with a glass of this Italian red and chocolate.

Mixing renkon (lotus root) with squid ink
Simple but yummy 🙂

A friend making 伊達巻 (datemaki) from scratch

Snaking during cooking

I brought a new Trader Joe’s brie to try.

Herbs & Garlic brie tastes pretty good.

A host prepared konbu cured red snapper for dinner.

Delicious 🙂

Somen noodle soup with red snapper

Dessert: Hojicha Mousse

She also made this tasty dessert for us.

Unlike last year/two years ago, we finished cooking osechi around 8pm and was able to relax. We have improved our skills to prepare Japanese New Year dishes, Osechi in the past two years!