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In-N-Out After Spanish Class


We had the first Spanish class at Adult School from 6:30 – 8:30 tonight. Got so hungry, but the class was fun.


Breakfast: Matcha & Red Bean Bologna + Strawberries

Lunch: “Quesadilla” or “Burrito”
This is leftover from last night.

Cookie from Japan named “Love & Happiness”

Instant Soup before Spanish class

At Home

His Taco Dinner

Breakfast: Pastries from Hamadaya
I got sick maybe because of these. I bought a day before and didn’t refrigerate them. It tasted a little sour. I was in bed all morning till 2pm.

Late lunch

I had an appointment with my chiro doctor at 6:30pm, so he prepared dinner.



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Delicious Sushi Lunch with A Friend

Our friend’s flight to NY was cancelled and he had to spend one more day in LA. This is the view from airbnb he stayed. Walk distance to Manhattan Beach. Nice 🙂

While my husband was playing a tennis match, I took him to sushi lunch.

Tuna on Crispy Rice $9.80

Sushi A la Carte, Yellowtail Belly, Salmon Belly, Albacore Belly, Jambo Scallop, Sea Orchin $32

Salmon Skin Salad $7.80

White Fish Tasting $19

From left, Halibut, Red Snapper, Kurodai

Toro Tasting $35

From front, Toro, Seared Toro, Negi Toro

We were so happy to have delicious sushi since both of our partners don’t care about sushi so that it was a rare opportunity 🙂 He had two more pieces of Yellowtail sushi and says sushi in NY costs twice as much. Ordered a big hot sake too 🙂

The Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya
1133 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Mochi Ice Cream at home

My husband joined us for dessert

Friend went to OC to pick up what he left behind and brought some milk tea.

Dinner: Pork, Napa Cabbage ,Lemon & Green Onion Hot Pot

He gave us beef jerky and card game too. This card game is so exciting and fun!

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Pizza

I am tired of osechi and want to eat something else but didn’t want to cook.

My favorite pizza from Trader Joe’s

Prosciutto included

I could finish the whole always.

Eating on the desk since he was out.




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Osechi Dinner Continued…

Osechi is supposed to be enjoyed from January 1st to 3rd. So that mom can take a break from cooking during New Year Holidays.

Garlic & Herb Brie goes well with Junmai Ginjo.

Tempura Soba to finish the meal





Afternoon Break

Vegetable Soup