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Skinny Canned Wines

I found different types canned wines at BevMo. Skinny ones. This would be a perfect size for me. Can’t wait to try them.



Takeout Dinner: Backyard Marinated Steak with Kale & Quinoa from Tender Greens

This pinot noir is supposed be chilled, but I drank as is. It’s smooth and fruity with cherry and raspberry flavor.

Dessert: Sweet Sake




At Home, At Work, Restaurants, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

First Time to Try Canned Wine

It’s not beer or soda, but wines (pinot gris, rose, pinot noir $5.99 each @ Bevmo).

Actually too big to finish at a time (375ml = a half bottle size). Split Pinot Noir with him tonight but still a lot.

Note: Raspberry, Cherry, Chocolate
Bitterness stands out to me first, but tastes better with food.

Takeout Dinner from Tender Greens: Tuna Nicoise $12


Breakfast: Strawberries, Yogurt Drink

Lunch: Costco’s Frozen Noodle, Tomato, Broccoli

Quinoa Salad @ Tender Greens
I was so hungry to eat this in the car