At Home

All Day Home & Leftover

He woke me up to watch French Open Tennis Final around 7:50am. It was already on the third set, but I was able to watch Rafael Nadal became 10 times champion there. We were so happy for him!

He set up this Trader Joe’s in the oven.

Breakfast: Cantaloup, Chocolate Croissant, Coffee

Lunch: Shrimp Tiella, Beef Soup Gyoza, Parsley Salad

Dinner: Soba Noodle, Broccoli, Balsamic Pork, Porched Egg (failed)

At Home, At Work, Restaurants

In-N-Out & Shower

Breakfast: watermelon, mini chocolate croissant + coffee

Lunch: In-n-out #2 Combo, Animal Style Burger + Iced Tea $6
Right after picking up lunch, it suddenly started showering. I was going to park, but ate in the car at the company parking lot 😦

Afternoon snack

Dinner after yoga: somen noodle with egg sauce, tomato with balsamic vinegar & olive oil + mugicha

At Home, At Work

Quick Korean Dinner

I finished a quick grocery shopping at a Korean market during lunch time for a quick dinner.

spicy chicken, spinach, bean sprouts and kimchee + nappa miso soup

breakfast: strawberry, pineapple + mini chocolate croissant x 2 + coffee

lunch: sloppy joe + tomato & avocado salad