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Tasting Pinot Blanc of Firstleaf Selection

Drinking while cooking again
Pinot Blanc with Goat Cream Cheese & Crackers, Olives

3rd bottle of Firstleaf Wine Club

Fog Break 2016, Pinot Blanc, Monterey County, California
This is something new to me. To be honest, I was not ready to enjoy fully. It smells very unique and tastes a bit too sour. Maybe I didn’t pair with right food. I will have it with tarako (cod roe) cream pasta tomorrow.

Second box of Firstleaf arrived this evening. So excited!

Nicely packed

I signed up for 6 bottle every three months. Mix of 4 reds and 2 whites. Mixed regions as well.

This is the selection. They send some post cards with tasting note. $79 + tax & $9.95 shipping fee

Dinner: Nikujaga, Spinach, Miso Soup, Multigrain Rice, Vichyssoise
I had no rice and miso soup. He says I fed him too much.

My Nikujaga (Beef & Potato) was pretty good. Can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s usually even better on the second day.



Lunch: Steak Salad, Canned Tuna Rice

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Authentic Japanese Lunch @ Wadatsumi

Breakfast: Three pastries to share + Coffee
These coasters from Iceland are so cute!

A girlfriend visits me at new place while he is out for tennis match. We went out for an authentic Japanese lunch.

Menu #1

Menu #2

Menu #3

Menu #4


Fresh Tofu & Chawanmushi (savory egg custard)

Grilled Akamutsu, Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup
Complete lunch $12.95

Hers: Salmon & Roe Bowl $11.95

Everything tastes delicious and price is amazing. They have the original location on Pico in West LA and I’ve been there with my family.

1757 W Carson St Unit R&S
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 782-7356

We found a fun dessert place on the way to walk to Daiso, $1.50 store. They are specialized in roasted chestnuts.

Tatami Room to dine in

Roasted Chestnuts $7.99, Fuji Mountain Sundae $4.49, Chestnut Coffee $3.99

I love the chestnut sundae. Coffee is a bit too sweet for me. They have more variety of chestnut dessert such doughnut or drinks.

1757 W Carson St Unit F
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-6788

In the evening, I opened second bottle of Firstleaf selection.

Red Hart, France

Well balanced with fruitiness & earthiness

Love it. This wine club works well so far.

Dinner Alone: Leftover Salad from last night

Tarako Spaghetti

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Jingisukan & California Wine

During the moving, we found ‘Hot Plate,’ electric grilled pan in the cabinet, which we haven’t used for a long time. So we decided to have Yakiniku at home.

I was thinking Korean BBQ first but came up with Jingisukan, Lamb BBQ that is a popular dish in Hokkaido, Japan.

I made dipping sauce with graded onion, soy sauce, honey and garlic.

Only frozen sliced lamb available at H Mart, Korean Market.

He claims that this is not what his mom made…I know his family doesn’t like vegetables but we need them 😛

Opened a bottle, Counter Cut Heirloom Red, California. It’s very smooth and fruity. Goes perfect with Jingisukan.

This is one of the Firstleaf selection. Can’t wait to try other bottles.

Homemade Dessert: Kiwi Yogurt
Because I whipped heavy cream too much, the final product was not as pretty as I wanted.


Brunch: French Toast + Coffee

Late Lunch: Leftover Mexican