At Home, At Work

Korean Day

When having no idea what’s for lunch or dinner, Korean markets are very helpful. There are a variety of ready-to-eat and easy-to-cook stuff.

lunch: Gimbap, garlic zenmai, instant noodle

dinner after yoga: marinated kalbi, kimchi, soon tofu with egg & Korean watercress


breakfast: veggie juice, grapes, brioche with chocolate peanut butter spread + coffee

This is fairly tasty. I still miss Nutella tho.

At Home, At Work

Korean Night

Again, I didn’t feel like cooking this evening. I swung by S-Mart, Korean Market and picked up some ready-to-eat food. I love Korean markets. They offer a lot of good stuff for reasonable prices.

appetizers: spinach, bean sprouts, fish cake, western bracken fern, kimchi + beer

main: marinated beef BBQ, lettuce, Korean red rice
This rice tastes amazing!

2515 Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 533-6053

breakfast: banana, strawberry, blueberry, apple bites, lemon cake + coffee

lunch: broccoli spaghetti + kale

At Home, At Work

Quick Korean Dinner

I finished a quick grocery shopping at a Korean market during lunch time for a quick dinner.

spicy chicken, spinach, bean sprouts and kimchee + nappa miso soup

breakfast: strawberry, pineapple + mini chocolate croissant x 2 + coffee

lunch: sloppy joe + tomato & avocado salad