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Herb Brushed Tuna & Chardonnay

We talked about having Chinese food tonight, but I changed my mind and went to get takeout @ Tender Greens that would go well with Chardonnay I opened yesterday.

Herb Brushed Tuna Plate with Kale, Quinoa & Garlic Bread $13

Oh yeah, it’s a perfect dinner in a relaxing mood on Friday night.




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Skinny Canned Wines

I found different types canned wines at BevMo. Skinny ones. This would be a perfect size for me. Can’t wait to try them.



Takeout Dinner: Backyard Marinated Steak with Kale & Quinoa from Tender Greens

This pinot noir is supposed be chilled, but I drank as is. It’s smooth and fruity with cherry and raspberry flavor.

Dessert: Sweet Sake




At Home, At Work, Restaurants, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

First Time to Try Canned Wine

It’s not beer or soda, but wines (pinot gris, rose, pinot noir $5.99 each @ Bevmo).

Actually too big to finish at a time (375ml = a half bottle size). Split Pinot Noir with him tonight but still a lot.

Note: Raspberry, Cherry, Chocolate
Bitterness stands out to me first, but tastes better with food.

Takeout Dinner from Tender Greens: Tuna Nicoise $12


Breakfast: Strawberries, Yogurt Drink

Lunch: Costco’s Frozen Noodle, Tomato, Broccoli

Quinoa Salad @ Tender Greens
I was so hungry to eat this in the car

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Quinoa Salad & Tuna Nicoise



I picked up dinner at Tender Greens. I was so hungry that I had a cup of quinoa ($4) in the car.

Dinner: Tuna Nicoise $12 + Sterling Chardonnay

grilled rare albacore, tender greens, tomato, potato, capers, green beans, quail eggs, olives, sherry vinaigrette

Albacore is perfectly cooked

Sweet Sake (甘酒)after dinner

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Tender Green’s Takeout Dinner

Breakfast: Apple, Siggi’s Yogurt, Icelandic Dark Chocolate + Coffee

Make-Ahead Meal Lunch

Stopped by Tender Greens after work

Cupcakes loos very tempting…

Dinner: Backyard Marinated Steak with Kale & Quinoa Salad $12 + One Hope Chardonnay

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Tired of Make-Ahead Meals

Breakfast: Berries, Granola, Yogurt

Sugar/Carbs #1 + coffee

Lunch: All Make-Ahead + Green Tea

Sugar/Carbs #2: Make-Ahead Kimchi Fried Rice
I love this and could eat every day.

Dinner: Nicoise Salad from Tender Greens
I am getting tired of Make-Ahead Meals. This is a nice replacement. Albacore is always cooked perfectly. Oops, I had Carbs #3. How can I resist? This garlic bread is so good!

Make-Ahead Meal Diet Day 19: 129.5lb (-3.5lb), body fat 28%
*I had more sugar/carbs than usual, it still seems in control.

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Salade Niçoise & Sauvignon Blanc

Dinner: Tuna Niçoise Salad + Sauvignon Blanc
I picked up the salad ($12) at Tender Greens and a bottle of wine (actually two because the second one costs $0.05) at BevMo.

Look at this chunky Tuna perfectly seared.

I randomly chose this wine in the refrigerated section. “Buy one get one 5 cents” was very attractive. It tastes ok tho.